• Finding Your Roots: The Best Genealogy Software to Decipher Your Family Tree



    A recent article released by NPR and CNN has connected modern humans and Neanderthals to a new extinct group of Proto-Human, the Denisovans. This discovery has given people a renewed interest in their own genealogy, which is the study of family lineage and history. It may seem like a daunting task for some, but there are many software applications available to the general public that can help people trace their own heritage right from their personal computers. Top Ten Reviews has updated its list of the best genealogy software on the market.

    "Finding out about your family history is fun and educational," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "Genealogy software will help you find the story of your past, and maybe you'll even find that you're related to a famous figure in history."

    The Top 3:

    1- Family Tree Maker 2012: What sets this genealogy software apart from the pack is how easy it is to use right from the get go. Users of this genealogy software are helped in the family research process by Ancestry.com.

    2- Legacy: Legacy users can get started quickly with the set-up wizard and video tutorials. This family tree software is one of the highest ranked products when it comes to features. Legacy's website also includes a manual, tech support, user forums and FAQs for additional help.

    3- RootsMagic 4: The newest version of RootsMagic comes with an updated interface that is much more user friendly and easier to navigate than the previous one. Although it does not have as many multimedia elements as other high-ranking products, this genealogy software still performs well with data entry and management.

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    What Makes Top-Notch Genealogy Software?

    Genealogy research is a long but rewarding process. The best genealogy software includes powerful data entry, storing and management capabilities. All the while, it is easy to set up, with video tutorials and help from the family tree software's website. The top-ranked genealogy software scored highly in these four categories.

    Feature Set: The software should provide an insightful way to not only collect and store data, but also to make sense of it all. In-application features should work closely with online services to help users gather family history and other genealogy data.

    Ease of Use: The amount of genealogy data can be overwhelming. Genealogy software should be simple to understand and easy to navigate for everyone, whether they're new to family history research or experienced veterans.

    Reporting & Publishing: Top-ranked products not only print timelines, lineage, pedigrees and other charts, but they should include the ability to export files and email them as well.

    Help/Documentation: To make a daunting task easier, FAQs, tutorials, and email and telephone support should be available to help the user learn the software.

    The best genealogy software will help unlock your origins and make it easier to learn about the people who comprise your family tree.

    More product reviews can be found at TopTen Reviews.

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