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Pros / The work environment is easy to create in, and the tutorials are inspiring and helpful.

Cons / Only a few templates are included with the software. While more free templates are available, you have to download them from the website.

 Verdict / The editing options and excellent contemporary graphics make CraftArtist 2 Professional an excellent greeting card software application.

CraftArtist 2 Professional is one of the most elegantly designed greeting card software programs we reviewed. A clean and stylish environment encourages you to create stunning greeting cards. This card-making software has templates available for download, modern themes, well-designed graphics and editing capabilities for any project.

Stunning cards are easy to create with many of the features provided with CraftArtist 2. Unlike other homemade greeting card applications, CraftArtist 2 doesn't come pre-installed with numerous templates. However, there are hundreds of free blank templates available for download from the website. A free account is easy to set up, but downloading templates is bothersome.

There are new templates every season, however, and plenty to choose from. There are over 2,100 graphics and 250 fonts to add style your sentiments. In addition, you have a wide selection of events from which to choose, including everyday greetings, birthdays, holidays, religious celebrations and other special occasions.

This greeting card maker comes equipped with a full range of text and photo-editing options. Text is easy to arrange along objects or in circles, and you can add drop shadows and spell check before you print. You have the option to upload any of your own photos or graphics, then crop, flip, adjust colors, remove red eye, or add fun effects. Since this software is designed to make invitations, it gives you full creative control. You can change the text and graphics in each template so your cards are unique and personalized.

When CraftArtist 2 Professional launches, you have the option to choose a template or create a card from scratch. This greeting card maker also organizes templates according to theme. If you choose a template, you only have access to the graphics and backgrounds for that particular theme. If you prefer more creative license, though, you can open a blank template and add elements and graphics from the downloaded themes.

The look and feel of this card-making software gets your creative juices flowing. You add elements to your personalized card from the left sidebar, such as graphics, background, text and more. In the right sidebar, you can find style tools to change colors, arrange elements, use brushes and do other tasks. Along the top toolbar, you can find icons to edit photos, insert objects or share your card.

It's easy share your handmade birthday cards, because you can email them to friends and family directly from the program or print them out. You can also save cards in JPEG or other formats.

Right from the opening welcome screen, you'll find support on how to make greeting cards and better yet, how to make them beautiful and personalized. You can watch a tutorial or find inspiration from an online gallery. As you add items and change colors, online tips appear to guide you and provide inspiration. If you run into trouble, visit Serif's website for FAQs or contact the company directly via phone, email or live chat.

  • Project Templates
  • Art Gallery
  • Number of Fonts
  1. The number of card and project templates contained in each application.
    More is better.
  2. 8  CraftArtist 2 Professional
    100.0 Templates
  3. 28000.0 Templates
  4. 15000.0 Templates
  5. 16700.0 Templates
  6. Category Average
    10740.0 Templates


The best greeting card software programs incorporate features, great graphics and plenty of editing options for text and photos, and CraftArtist 2 Professional is no different. You have an ample supply of fun details, objects and elements to include in your personalized cards. Even though you have to download the majority of the templates from the company's website, CraftArtist 2 is still an excellent greeting card maker.

CraftArtist 2 Professional Visit Site