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Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2017 Review

PROS / Modern graphics and a great layout help you effortlessly make every card dazzle.

CONS / You have to have an internet connection to download the cards you want to edit or print.

 VERDICT / This card software comes fully equipped to help you tackle any card-making project in style.

The stylish design of this greeting card software inspires you to create beautiful, personal cards and a host of other fun projects. You can either start with a classic Hallmark template or create your own eye-catching card from scratch. Whichever template you choose, you can completely customize it to match your occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, a ceremony or a simple "Thinking of You" card. The number of graphics, templates and features combined with a stylish and easy-to-use layout make Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe our pick for our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  1. The number of card and project templates contained in each application.
    More is better.
  2. 2 Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe
    15000 Templates
  3. 28000 Templates
  4. 16700 Templates
  5. Category Average
    10740.00 Templates


Just like the thousands of cards at your local supermarket, this card-making software provides you with more than 16,000 card templates readymade for every special occasion. You can choose from a wide variety of different-sized blank templates and cards as well. If you want something new, or want to add personalized spice to a pre-existing design, Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe has more than 20,000 graphics you can choose from. These graphics are also high quality and well designed, so your cards won't look old-fashioned or out of date. If you are going for an old-fashioned flair though, you can add special effects to create the perfect vintage card.

You aren't restricted to simply making cards with the Hallmark Greeting Card Deluxe software: You can also make business cards, customized stationery, calendars, family newsletters, gift bags and more.

The design of the layout itself makes Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe one of the best applications for homemade greeting cards available on the market. The software offers tutorials that walk you through each step of how to make greeting cards. All the icons are labeled so you never have to extensively search for your desired task.

When you click on an element to change or edit it, the specific toolbar appears at the top for easy access. When you want to edit text for instance, the toolbar appears with fonts, sizes, weights, colors and more. The toolbar then disappears when you click away, so as to not clutter up your workspace.

Text & Photo Editing

Text and photos are easy to edit inside this greeting card maker. It's easy to manipulate phrases and lines into circles and verify your grammar in the spell checker. The font choices are also fully customizable, so you can use a child's handwriting for Grandparents' Day cards or a fancy cursive for cards from the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny.

A unique aspect of this card-printing software is the writing etiquette feature. If you have a tough card to write, such as a condolence or lesser-known religious occasion, open up the writing etiquette feature for suggestions on what would be proper to say.

The photo-editing tools are also amazing with this greeting card maker. When you import the photo you want to use, a toolbar appears at the top with an edit option. Inside a floating box, you can correct red eye, adjust colors, rotate, flip, add special effects, crop and perform any other method of touching up photos, all in one place.

With both text and photos, you can change the size, orientation, width, height and more in two locations. Either click on the item and drag the shape yourself to make it larger or smaller or use the handy pop-up right column arrows to do it for you.

Sharing Options

For many people, a paper card sent through the postal service is still the way to go for wedding invitations, sympathy cards, noting birthdays and more. This application makes it easy to print your cards at home, including customizing your envelopes. You can benefit greatly from this software's mail merge capabilities so all you concentrate on is the creative end of things, while the application does the boring work.

You can also share your handmade birthday cards on the fly with a simple click that sends off an eCard or saves it as a PDF. You also can use this application to post your creations on Facebook or YouTube. You can add music and sound effects for extra pizzazz.

Help & Support

This greeting card software offers on-screen instructions relevant to where you are in the application. The software also includes a PDF user manual, a tutorial and a search tool. You can either scroll through the tutorials or manual for inspiration or use the search feature to quickly find a solution.

Hallmark offers email and phone customer support, and the company's website includes FAQs as well as live chat support. Tutorials are available right from the main page at all times, so you have easy help if you ever are stuck.


If you want plenty of project templates and easy-to-use photo editing tools, Hallmark has just the ticket. You'll have Hallmark quality along with numerous ways to customize your cards and a variety of other print projects. You can't go wrong with this greeting card software.

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