Pros / You can control the amount of creativity in your cards by choosing an attractive pre-crafted card or creating a new design.

Cons / The icons for editing text and graphics are small and unlabeled.

 Verdict / The sheer number of features and options make this the best greeting card software application for creating personalized cards.

Print Artist Platinum 25 is first-rate greeting card software that gives you the tools to let your creativity blossom and allows you to share the polished and professional-looking results with friends and family.

With this card-making software, you get an extraordinarily large assortment of features, numerous projects, the opportunity to create your own designs, and several helpful options to do everything from adding artistic embellishments to removing red eye from personal photos. You also can embark on a number of other projects ranging from creating your own business cards to making party banners.

Graphics & Templates

You will not lack for things to do with this versatile greeting card maker. To start, you can select from more than 28,000 greeting card templates, but you are not limited to only making cards. You can prepare calendars; make bumper stickers; decorate tee shirts, print fanciful labels; or decorate full party sets that include hats, masks, gift bags, invitations, tags, and even gift boxes.

The list extends far beyond that since you can also write newsletters, make brochures, design your own stationery and prepare CD slideshows.

This software comes with more than 377,000 graphics and more than 1,000 fonts, so you can experiment to your heart's content to find exactly the right look for your greeting card or project. If that does not work, you can always import photos, write your own text and create your own designs.

Your loved ones will undoubtedly cherish the holiday cards you send them, not to mention the everyday greetings and special occasion sentiments you send, such as a sympathy card during a painful time or a cheery congratulations message when someone gets a promotion at work. Print Artist Platinum 25 also includes materials for religious celebrations so you can send just the right card for that memorable bat mitzvah or baptism.

Although you have an abundance of templates, clip art and writing fonts at your fingertips, you may prefer the design-your-own aspect of this software that allows you to construct something completely personal for that special someone.

Editing Tools

With this software, you get useful and simple-to-use photo-editing tools that allow you to import photos easily from digital cameras, mobile phones, the internet and scanners. Once you have selected the picture you want, you can do such things as remove red eye, eliminate flaws and scratches, change colors, adjust the lighting and more. You also can rotate or flip images, resize them and add special effects.

The text-editing tools also work quite well. You get 1,000 fonts to choose from, so you certainly will not run out of options. Most of the text effects are pre-formatted shortcuts to achieve a particular look with a single mouse click. You can change fonts, point sizes, colors and more within the text box and give even pre-loaded projects some of your own characteristic flourishes.

If you opt to use the Design from Scratch option, you control all aspects of your card, and that can be an enjoyably aesthetic treat. You get an abundance of interesting text effects so you can play with words and letters by adding shadows, tilting or staggering the letters and more.

The resources included in this software let you prepare imaginative and personalized homemade greeting cards in addition to many other projects, and the results will look polished and appealing.

The software also provides you with a spell checker that can save you plenty of embarrassment and ensure your cards are free from mistakes. One thing missing from this otherwise outstanding application, though, is a section on proper etiquette for composing the text for certain greeting cards, such as advice on how to tactfully word a sympathy card.

Sharing Options

With Print Artist Platinum 25, you can send messages for all occasions, and you can do it in so many different ways. If you are a traditionalist, you can send printed cards with your own customized envelopes through the postal service. This can come in handy if you enjoy sending holiday greetings to your extended family or to the entire staff at your workplace. You can focus on creating the card and envelope, and the software will do the tedious work.

This software also makes it easy for you transmit eCards to your family and friends. You also get tools that let you add sound to your eCards as well as music. If you choose, you can share your creations on social media such as Facebook or YouTube. In addition, you can use this application to make CD slideshows to watch on your television.

Help & Support

If you run into difficulties, Print Artist Platinum 25 has a built-in help center with detailed information that addresses each step of any particular project. In addition, the manufacturer, Nova Development, provides FAQs in the knowledge base on its website, and you can submit an emailed ticket for technical help. You can also use live chat during business hours, which is a speedy way to get answers to any questions you might have.

There is access to phone support, but you must first purchase a support code before you call. One support code costs $9.99, or you can get three for $19.99. You can go online to register your software online, redeem a rebate, apply for a refund or give the company feedback.

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  1. The number of card and project templates contained in each application.
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    12975.0 Templates


Even if you are a beginner, the versatile Print Artist Platinum 25 can ease you through the steps of how to make greeting cards as well as an abundance of other projects.

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