Pros / This program has a wide array of editing features and a vast library of graphics.

Cons / There are fewer sharing options, and the graphics are slightly outdated.

 Verdict / This is great software for click-and-go card-making and other projects.

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 5.0 is a great option for designing greeting cards. Like other card-making software applications, this card maker has many options and features to help you personalize and design your own cards. Although Scrapbook Factory Deluxe is first and foremost scrapbooking software, it still has the features and utilities of the best greeting card software applications.

This greeting card maker has more than 6,500 templates and the option to create your own personalized cards from scratch. No matter which option you choose, you can add more than 81,000 graphics from the library that is included with your purchase. An additional bonus CD that comes with the software is equipped with an extra 350 fonts and 450 graphics so you will not end up lacking images or lettering options when you start creating projects.

Editing your text and photos is very easy with this homemade greeting card maker. A handy pop-up box appears when you want to insert or change text. You can change the font, size, color, shape and more from one location. If you realize you chose the wrong sized font after you close the box, you can also drag the sides or corner of the text box to make it larger or smaller, and your text automatically adjusts. Photo editing is very similar to editing text, and you have a wide range of features. Your own photos and graphics are easy to import and edit: You can crop, change colors, fix red eye, add special effects and do much more.

Learning how to make greeting cards is easy with Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 5.0. This application is intuitive and simple to navigate. It will probably seem familiar to you since the layout is similar to that of many Office products. You can add backgrounds, images, text and more from either the left or right sidebars. Beside the templates, text and images, this application comes with some novelty items that can add a flourish to your projects. These include such things as decorative photo corners, ribbon-style effects, accents that resemble buttons and charms, and more.

When you are finished making the perfect personalized card, you can email it directly to friends and family, save in PDF format or easily print it out. Unfortunately, you can't download the software from Avanquest, the manufacturer, so you'll have to install it from a hard disc, which is less convenient.

Avanquest offers top-notch customer support. Phone numbers, email addresses, FAQs, tutorials, a live chat feature and a user forum are all on the website or inside the software itself.

You can check your order, redeem a rebate, register your software, apply for a refund or send feedback. The software itself comes with a printed user manual and onscreen tutorials that include clear and easy-to-understand information.

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  • Project Templates
  • Art Gallery
  • Number of Fonts
  1. The number of card and project templates contained in each application.
    More is better.
  2. 7  Scrapbook Factory Deluxe
    6500.0 Templates
  3. 28000.0 Templates
  4. 16700.0 Templates
  5. 3  Canva
  6. Category Average
    12975.0 Templates


Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 5.0 is a superb scrapbooking product and does well as a greeting card software application. Although it has certain limitations, you can create pleasing greeting cards for your friends and family using its basic templates, abundant clip art and embellishments, and its easy-to-use photo editor.

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