Pros / eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies teaches crucial fundamentals through popular rock songs.

Cons / This guitar learning software presents lessons in a PowerPoint slide show format with minimal interactivity.

 Verdict / eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies offers effective, simple-to-follow lessons uniquely catered to learning the electric guitar.

One of the easiest ways to learn the guitar is to start with an electric guitar. However, few guitar learning software programs tailor lessons to this unique guitar. Fortunately, eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies is simple guitar lesson software that teaches you electric guitar techniques through evenly paced lessons and hit songs.

The software lacks progress tracking, and there are only 30 songs to master. The lessons feel like PowerPoint slideshows with minor interactivity, and the software does not grade your performance, as many programs do. On the other hand, the lessons cover the basic information that any guitarist needs to know, and every lesson is followed by a song that reinforces your learning. With its practical lessons and excellent variety of songs, eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Lesson Coverage

With over 70 lessons, eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies gives beginners the skills they need to learn to start playing the electric guitar. The format is set up as a slideshow; guitarists read lessons and practice each principle before moving on. Many slides include video demonstrations, instructor notes and musical accompaniments. The guide tracks do not use a metronome, so it is difficult to follow and keep pace with the instructor.

Practice Tools

Fortunately, you can utilize the metronome and animated fretboard to keep up. Rock Guitar for Dummies also includes a digital tuner and recorder, and while you are practicing, you can adjust the tempo. Some of the songs include a full band accompaniment so you can hear your guitar against the rest of the song. Finally, there are some minor tracking tools, particularly when you are learning and practicing scales.

Lesson Accompaniment

This guitar software utilizes your computer's microphone to listen to you play, but it does not track your mastery or progress. It will bookmark your place in the software, but it will not grade your performance before you move to the next lesson. Also, since this software is geared towards beginning guitarists, the lessons do not cover some of the theoretical skills that aspiring musicians need to learn. Fortunately, there is a detailed terms glossary and a complete chord dictionary. Also, you can print out any of the lessons or songs, and you can always make sure your guitar sounds right with the computerized guitar tuner.

Although Rock Guitar for Dummies has an overly simplistic interface, we like that it is easy to use. You can watch videos, listen to chords or adjust the tempo of the accompaniment by clicking the associated image within each lesson. It's easy to navigate between lessons, songs and appendices. The software does not listen to you while you play guitar like many other top-rated programs do.

Help & Support

Rock Guitar for Dummies has a full range of extra features, including right- and left-handed settings. There is a chord dictionary and a glossary to help you when you need a quick refresher. There is an online manual and FAQs section to help you with any software-related problems you might have, and if you need further help, you can reach customer support by email and telephone.


If you are a beginner to the electric guitar, eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies is simple guitar lesson software that can teach you the basic skills you need to start playing the electric guitar. It includes over 70 lessons presented as a slideshow, but it lacks true performance tracking. However, it enforces fundamentals by teaching you popular songs, so you'll be ready to show off to your friends in no time.

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