Pros / This software is easy to use. Even with little to no home design software experience, you’ll be building custom floor plans and doing home redesigns in no time.

Cons / It lacks tools for landscaping and cost estimation.

 Verdict / If you are looking for easy-to-use Mac home design software with plenty of design capabilities, Live Interior 3D is worth your consideration.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Live Interior 3D Pro isn’t as comprehensive as the best home design software for Mac we reviewed, but what it lacks in tools, it makes up in usability. This software makes it easy for the beginner interior designer to feel comfortable building a floor plan and designing a home from scratch.

When you begin the program, you can choose to build your design from scratch or use one of the sample plans the software offers. The sample plans help you get started on interior designing without building a custom floor plan. The samples include plans of single-family homes, apartments and single rooms.

If you feel lost when you first start using Live Interior 3D, video tutorials can help you learn how to use the program. After just a few minutes, you’ll learn the layout of this home design software and you’ll be creating custom homes in a short period of time.

This 3D home design software for Mac offers over 2,000 objects and materials to choose from for your digital 3D home. If there is an object you can’t find within the program library, you can click on the Trimble Warehouse icon to download and import 3D objects into your home.

The Inspector tool becomes increasingly important when you begin to fine-tune the details in your house. This tool allows you to change the physical dimensions of any object that you drag and drop into your model home, and you can change the color schemes to fit your tastes. Using this tool, you can also change between daytime and nighttime to see how window placement and skylights affect the lighting within your house. You can even go as far as simulating being north or south of the equator for different lighting scenarios.

If you are using this interior design software for Mac to help plan a remodel of your current home, this program doesn’t have a cost estimation tool that other design programs have to help financially plan for your redesign. It also lacks tools for landscaping and topography, which would allow you to design your home’s surroundings.

After the completion of your model home, you can create a video walkthrough to present the work you put into your digital dream house. You can also export your floor plans as PDF files for an additional presentation option.

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The user-friendly design of Live Interior 3D Pro makes this program ideal for beginners. It allows you to start building floor plans and 3D model homes in no time. The software isn’t as comprehensive as other applications on our lineup, lacking topography and landscaping tools. However, it belongs in our lineup and is worth owning.

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