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Home Inventory Software Review: Your Most Important Task as a Homeowner, Simplified
Protect yourself and your valuables from fires, natural disasters and theft with comprehensive home inventory software.


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Home Inventory Software Review

Why Home Inventory Software?

A comprehensive home inventory is essential for emergency and insurance purposes. Documenting all of your belongings and valuables ensures you can replace them should they be damaged or lost through fire, theft or natural disaster. Once a laborious and time-consuming task, compiling an all-inclusive inventory is now quick and easy with home inventory software. Such applications include robust features that allow you to build meticulous inventories for every room in your home.

While all inventory applications offer the same primary function of asset management, they can vary greatly when it comes to features and their full range of functionality. On this site, you ll find our top picks for home inventory software, including Home Inventory Pro 2011, HomeManage 2011 and My Stuff Deluxe. Our comprehensive reviews of these applications along with our articles on home inventory software can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Home Inventory Software: What to Look For

Created specifically for homeowners, the home inventory software we reviewed are ideal for consumers interested in creating their first digital home inventory. Since there are a number of inventory management applications on the market, it is smart to scrutinize each application and compare what each has to offer. We used the following criteria to evaluate the software titles included in our review:

Inventory Management
Home inventory management software should include an array of descriptive fields for thorough and versatile inventory management. For each item you add to your inventory, you should be able to add manufacturer information, include photos, specify its location, upload attachments, track repairs and more. Additionally, you should be able to add custom labels or tags if needed.

Additional Features
The best home inventory applications are those that offer features beyond basic inventory tracking. For instance, some applications allow you to add beneficiaries to certain valuables, compile reports and include insurance policies. Other important supplementary features to look for include backup and printing capabilities, so you never lose your inventory list and you can keep a hard copy on hand. The more features on our matrix that an application has, the better.

Ease of Use
The main goal of home inventory software is to make creating an inventory of your possessions as easy and convenient as possible. Subsequently, the application should be easy to use and adding items to your inventory should be intuitive and seamless. Look for usability features such as item filters, customizable categories and different ways to view your items, all of which can help lessen an application s learning curve.

Help & Support
All software of this type should offer detailed help documents, built-in help features, and at least one contact option for communicating with an actual customer service or technical support representative. The software should provide enough instruction to beginners so it can be set up and learned quickly. Instructions can include tutorials, FAQs and a user guide.

With the aid of comprehensive home inventory software, your peace of mind will never waver. If disaster strikes, you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly communicate your loss to your insurance company or law enforcement.