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Collectify Home Inventory 1 Review

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PROS / Collectify provides versatile media support, allowing you to upload videos, audio clips and unlimited photos under each inventory item.

CONS / There’s no telephone support and the software can be more cumbersome to use than competing applications.

 VERDICT / It’s decent home inventory software that’s best suited for homeowners who want to visually document their assets.

For homeowners looking to build a complete home inventory based on photographic evidence, Collectify Home Inventory is an ideal choice. This home inventory software doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that many of our higher-ranked applications do, but it performs its primary function of inventory management well and its media support is impressive.

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Collectify Home Inventory was designed to minimize the effort and subsequent hassle of compiling an exhaustive inventory list. However, the software differs from most competing applications when it comes to how inventory is catalogued. The software gives you two different options for adding items: quick image or quick entry. The quick image option allows you to upload images directly into the software, prompting a new item entry. The quick entry option lets you choose from a list of commonly inventoried items and add images later.

These inventory tools are unique but can create a few usability issues, and we found it more cumbersome to add items than it should be when using these options. We much preferred using the software’s option to inventory items room by room, a method that proved to be far easier and more intuitive when you inventory dozens of items.

Collectify Home Inventory provides most of the standard descriptive fields for inputting item information, but it’s missing some we felt should be included. You can add a manufacturer, model number, purchase price, current value and quantity, if applicable. However, it disappointingly lacks the ability to add attachments to items or custom categories. Like most home inventory software, the application does have a notes section where you can include any additional information you feel is necessary.

We were most impressed with the software’s media support. You can drag and drop photos, videos and even audio clips directly under a specific item. Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of photos to each inventory item. No other home inventory software that we reviewed offered such robust media support.

The software also offers many of the extra features we looked for, including backup capabilities and the ability to track insurance and warranty information. The application even offers a special pets section and a comprehensive contacts section, to keep track of important contacts especially for emergencies.

Collectify Home Inventory is supplemented with a decent support section. In fact, it’s the only home inventory software we reviewed that offers an introductory tutorial demo. The demo is nearly 10 minutes long and is a great resource for learning the basics of the software and how to use it. Other useful resources offered include a built-in user guide and online FAQs. For direct assistance, the manufacturer offers email support but no tech support via telephone.


Collectify Home Inventory isn’t the best fit for homeowners seeking in-depth inventory management since it lacks many of the descriptive fields we looked for in home inventory software. However, the application pulls its weight as decent home inventory software, with versatile media support that allows you to fully document your valuables both visually and audibly.

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