Pros / Everything I Own has several reporting options, is easy to use and lets you input comprehensive insurance information.

Cons / It lacks a setup wizard, tutorials, FAQs and forums.

 Verdict / Straightforward and uncomplicated, Everything I Own is best suited for less tech-savvy homeowners.

With a basic, no-frills approach to inventory management, Everything I Own is home inventory software that’s ideal for homeowners starting their first home inventory. The application is light on features but is subsequently simple to use and offers all the essentials needed to build an adequate inventory.

Similar to the other home inventory applications included in our review, Everything I Own offers all the basic fields for adding descriptions to your inventory items. You can input an item’s manufacturer, condition, serial number, category and location. And like other comparable applications, you can also upload your own photos of a particular item. One particularly noteworthy function is the software’s expanded insurance policy section. You can not only mark that an item has an insurance policy, but you can also input the policy provider, policy number, policy value, purchase cost, replacement cost, and agent information including a phone number and address.

The software’s inventory management functionality is overall good, but the inclusion of a few additional features would make it even better. For starters, we’d like to be able to add custom labels or tags to items and upload attachments. The latter would allow you to attach receipts, bills of sale and other important documents to valuable items and minimize the amount of paperwork you’d have to keep track of. Finally, the software doesn’t support videos or barcode functionality.

While the software doesn’t have a setup wizard, to-do lists or the ability to create charts, Everything I Own does provide beneficial reporting options. You can create both single item and full database reports for the valuables listed in your home inventory. You can also organize the information in your reports in a variety of ways, from items under warranty to insured items. For a completely customized report, you can pick and choose which specific items you’d like to include in your report.

The software’s limited functionality translates into an easy-to-use application ideal for homeowners who may not be very tech-savvy. Starting your inventory takes only a few mouse clicks, and you can easily navigate between adding, editing and viewing your items. Customized display options are also available. You can select which data columns you want to see on the main screen and in what order they will appear.

Other than a built-in user guide, Everything I Own doesn’t come with any helpful user resources. The software’s manufacturer does, however, provide ample options to contact the company directly, including email addresses for technical support and general inquiries. You can also call the company directly or fill out an online contact form.

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Everything I Own may not be as wide-ranging or rich in functionality as most of the other inventory applications we reviewed, but it does allow you to build a comprehensive inventory without a steep learning curve. Plus, an easy-to-navigate interface makes the home inventory software a good option for homeowners who are creating a digital home inventory for the first time.

Everything I Own 3.6 Visit Site