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Home Inventory Pro 2011 Review

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PROS / Home Inventory Pro allows you to create inventories room by room and track insurance policies and appraisals on every item.

CONS / The software doesn’t explicitly support service vendors and repair histories, but you can input this information in the notes section.

 VERDICT / Home Inventory Pro is excellent home inventory software ideal for insurance purposes.

Home Inventory Pro 2011 is sophisticated home inventory software that allows you to easily appraise and manage all of your household assets. The software’s sleek and intuitive interface enables easy navigation while its robust features allow you to build and maintain a sweeping home inventory. Its comprehensive functionality and notable ease of use help earn the software the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Inventory Management

Home Inventory Pro makes it easy to create a detailed catalog of all your belongings, which can mean easier insurance claims and faster payout if your personal property is ever damaged or lost. There is no shortage of descriptive fields in the software and you can categorize and label each item in exhaustive detail, which is especially important for insurance purposes. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of images, videos and file attachments to each item in your inventory database. You can also scan images and receipts directly into the software. In any event where items are completely destroyed or lost, such as theft or a house fire, images and receipts serve as proof that you purchased and owned those items.

The software allows you to create an inventory list by location, which is both convenient and efficient. Once you’ve documented all of the assets in one room you can move on to the next. Creating an inventory room by room ensures you don’t forget to include items and allows you to create a full inventory list at your own pace.

Each inventory item has a value tab, where you can track the item’s monetary value. You can input the original purchase price, current value and replacement cost. Additionally, you can track any and all appraisals you’ve had done for the item. One inventory feature the software also has that many competing applications in our lineup don’t is the ability to track the sale of personal items. You can input the date sold, selling price, buyer info and even how much of a profit you made off the item.

Home Inventory Pro doesn’t have a specific field for service vendors or repair histories. However, there is a notes section under each inventory item where you can easily input repair history, service vendors and other relevant information.


Home Inventory Pro boasts an array of additional features that will appeal to homeowners as they inventory their valuables. To begin with, the software’s setup wizard expedites and simplifies the often tedious process of creating a home inventory. You can also track insurance claims and policies and include beneficiaries on specific items in the software. Not all home inventory software applications we reviewed include this. It’s a convenient feature because you can manage all your assets with one central application.

The software also has useful backup capabilities and reporting options. Routinely backing up your home inventory list is crucial because it ensures you have a copy of the inventory in case the original is ever destroyed. Reporting options are likewise important for insurance purposes. You can create detailed reports by location, which you can submit with insurance claims.

A few things the software lacks that we looked for include calendars, the ability to create to-do lists, and a section specifically for pets. Such features are convenient but hardly essential to home inventory software so their absence shouldn’t be a deal breaker for prospective users.

Ease of Use

Home Inventory Pro is all-around excellent home inventory software, but ease of use is an area the application really stands out. The software’s interface is polished and professional, and it mimics the interface of Windows folders, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

This home inventory software also has a handful of usability features that further enhance its overall ease of use. For instance, you can use item filters to search your inventory, change how you view the inventory, and easily import and export items.

Help & Support

Although Home Inventory Pro is remarkably easy to use, the manufacturer provides ample help and support options for users in need of assistance. Customer service is available via email, an online user forum and an online ticket system. In fact, you can submit a support ticket directly from the application’s interface.

The software is also supplemented with several reference and training resources including a built-in help section, online Knowledge Base and online FAQs and demo videos to help you learn how to use the software.

Given its robust help and support options, we were disappointed to find the software’s manufacturer does not offer telephone support. However, the available options prove to be more than sufficient, and we imagine most users won’t find their lack of phone support inhibiting.


Home Inventory Pro 2011 is outstanding home inventory software that makes the tedious process of documenting all your belongings efficient and uncomplicated. Comprehensive inventory management features ensure you can easily yet thoroughly track all your physical assets. Plus, the ability to track insurance and beneficiary information makes the software more of a robust asset management application rather than just basic home inventory software. We would have liked to see the software include fields to track service vendors and repair history, but the software’s benefits far outweigh such minor, unimportant drawbacks.

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