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Home Manager 3 Review

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PROS / You can track the maintenance and repair history of inventory items.

CONS / The software lacks support resources, and there’s no setup wizard to help simplify and expedite the inventory process.

 VERDICT / Lightweight functionality coupled with an easy-to-navigate interface makes the software ideal if you have a limited home inventory.

Developed by Kaizen Software Solutions, Home Manager is mediocre asset management software ideal for small residences. The application is by far the most rudimentary in our lineup of home inventory software, and while it does a good job of providing basic inventory management, its limited functionality may leave you wanting more.

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Home Manager provides plenty of descriptive fields for detailed documentation of all your valuables. Along with item name, you can specify manufacturer, category, and the item’s current and replacement value. If the software doesn’t offer a field for information you want to include, you can easily add it under the item’s notes section.

Aside from adding items to an inventory list individually, Home Manager offers an import digital image function that allows you to create multiple item entries simultaneously. You simply take pictures of everything you want to inventory and import the photos into Home Manager. As they are imported, the home inventory software will give each photo its own entry, which you can go back and edit later. While some homeowners may like this approach, we find that it works best with small residences or consumers who don’t have a lot of items to inventory.

The software also has reporting capabilities. While they are a bit limited, the reports allow you to filter inventory items by category, location or description (i.e. brand, model number, purchase price or replacement value). You can also choose whether you want a text-only report or a report with multiple photos.

The home inventory software is not quite as robust when it comes to additional features. In fact, Home Manager only offers a handful of the features we were looking for. This software offers backup capability and the ability to include warranty information, and it also allows you to fully track maintenance and repairs on inventory items. It doesn’t, however, have a field to add beneficiaries, contacts, to-do lists or service vendors. We were also surprised to find it lacked a setup wizard, worksheets and charting capabilities, features that come standard on most competing applications.

Home Manager’s feature set may be lacking, but its lightweight functionality results in an interface that is simple and easy to navigate. We were able to start and expand an inventory list within minutes and had no trouble finding and accessing the software’s various features.

If you do run into any issues using the software, Kaizen provides direct technical support through an online contact form. We were disappointed to find there’s no telephone or email support; offering those in addition to an online contact form would be beneficial for users. We also would have liked to see more support resources. Currently, the manufacturer only provides a few FAQs for users to browse. Tutorials, a user guide and a community forum would all greatly enhance the software’s supplementary help and support.


With its elementary functionality and small feature set, Home Manager is home inventory software that works best with small residences or inventory lists. The inclusion of more features and better help and support options would make this application a top contender in our lineup.

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