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My Stuff Deluxe Review

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PROS / An intuitive interface makes the software easy to use, and you can organize items by room, category and value.

CONS / You can’t input any insurance information under inventory items.

 VERDICT / Intuitive ease of use makes My Stuff Deluxe an excellent choice for beginners or less tech-savvy users.

For home inventory management that’s as effortless as it is comprehensive, look no further than the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, My Stuff Deluxe. This home inventory software is one of the more user-friendly applications we reviewed, boasting an easy-to-navigate interface that only appears basic in functionality. The application delivers advanced inventory management tools that allow you to keep track of all your valuables.

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Inventory Management

My Stuff Deluxe provides multiple descriptive fields and customization options to fully inventory all your valuables. The software has all the standard fields we’d expect with any home inventory software, including model number, category, location and item condition. You can also create custom labels under certain fields. For example, you can create your own categories under the category field, such as antiques or silver.

You can also upload photos and add attachments to each inventory item. Attachments such as receipts can come in handy for insurance purposes, enabling you to prove you owned an item in the event it is stolen or completely destroyed.

Most noticeably missing from the software’s item information is a descriptive field for a manufacturer. It seems odd that home inventory software wouldn’t include such a fundamental piece of information. We assume an item’s manufacturer or brand is supposed to be included under the item name.

The software also doesn’t offer barcode functionality or the ability to upload videos. While the inclusion of these capabilities would make the software even better, they aren’t necessary and would likely be utilized only by a small subset of users.


When it comes to features complementary to inventory management, My Stuff Deluxe isn’t as well-rounded as some of the other applications we reviewed. The software lacks what we considered to be the most important and appealing supplementary features, including a setup wizard, worksheets for efficient inventorying, and the ability to track insurance policies and claims on specific items.

That said, the extra features the software does offer are highly useful and can help make the process of tracking your belongings easier and more manageable. For starters, you can input warranty information. This is convenient because you don’t have to hang on to warranty paperwork and you can centralize all your warranties under one digital application. The software also allows you to compile reports, add beneficiaries, and print and back up your inventory in a single click.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, My Stuff Deluxe is intuitive, simple and uncomplicated. It offers the advanced and in-depth functionality of first-rate home inventory software but does so through a clean, easy-to-navigate interface.

When it comes to managing your inventory, the software provides different views and a filter so you can search for specific items. It also allows you to import and export items. You can import items in DBF, CSV or Excel format, which makes it easy to configure an existing inventory list for My Stuff Deluxe.

Help & Support

The manufacturer of My Stuff Deluxe provides ample contact options but doesn’t offer many additional support resources. You can contact the company via email or telephone, or you can submit an online ticket for troubleshooting assistance. There are also a few online video tutorials and a built-in help section that’s accessed in the software. In addition to these offerings, we would have liked to see a user forum, FAQs and more tutorials.


My Stuff Deluxe lacks some of the supplementary usability features and support options we were looking for but excels when it comes to ease of use and inventory management tools. Whether you are building an inventory from scratch or looking to switch to a new application, My Stuff Deluxe is a great option to consider.

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