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Quicken Home Inventory Manager Review

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PROS / The software allows you to include detailed insurance information for individual items, including current policies and past claims.

CONS / It lacks many convenience features, including calendars, to-do lists and charts.

 VERDICT / Quicken provides a basic yet fully functional inventory application suitable for all types of homeowners.

Editor's Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager

As a global leader of financial and tax software for consumers and small businesses, it comes as no surprise that Intuit includes home inventory software in its vast repertoire of products. Quicken Home Inventory Manager makes it simple to compile detailed information of all your belongings in case of a home disaster, theft or even death. While the software may lack some of the bells and whistles of more robust inventory applications, it provides all the essential features and functionality to build a comprehensive home inventory.

Inventory Management

Quicken Home Inventory Manager provides most of the inventory management features we were looking for. To begin with, there is a wide array of descriptive fields that can be used to detail various assets, including an item’s manufacturer, model number, current condition and quantity, if applicable. You can also categorize each item by its location or room in your home. Like most home inventory applications we reviewed, this one also provides a notes section under each item, where you can include any additional information you feel is important or relevant.

To verify ownership and expedite the insurance claim process, you can scan and upload receipts and price tags of your home inventory items into Quicken Home Inventory Manager. In addition, the software allows you to attach digital photos to each item for more detailed records and faster insurance claim processing.

What the software doesn’t have is barcode functionality, and you are not able to create your own custom labels. While the inclusion of these features would further enhance the software’s usability, they aren’t essential to home inventory management and subsequently their absence doesn’t hinder the software in any way.


While Quicken Home Inventory Manager may impress when it comes to its inventory management capabilities, the software proves to be surprisingly underwhelming when it comes to additional features. There’s no setup wizard to expedite the process of adding inventory items, and there aren’t specific fields to document service vendors and repair history. We also would have liked to see a few convenience features, such as built-in calendars, to-do lists and charting capabilities.

That said, the few extras the software does have are highly beneficial and useful, particularly the insurance tracking. This home inventory software allows you to include insurance claims and policies under individual items. It also offers easy integration with other Quicken financial applications, so you can get a complete picture of your financial net worth.

Ease of Use

Quicken Home Inventory doesn’t have as many ease-of-use features as most of its competitors, as it lacks the ability to search the inventory by keyword and customize the interface or toolbars. Luckily, the software is relatively easy to use, and adding new items to your home inventory should only take a few minutes.

One unique feature that sets this home inventory software apart from the other applications we reviewed is its import capability. The fact that the software can import files isn’t unique, but how it does it is. If you’ve conducted a home inventory previously but the files are in another format, the software can intelligently convert most formats, including Word documents, into files the software can use.

Help & Support

Intuit provides ample help and support options including a built-in help section, FAQs and a comprehensive user guide. Additionally, you can contact the company directly via email or toll-free telephone for immediate assistance.


Quicken Home Inventory Manager is solid home inventory software with useful features essential to home asset management. It may not boast the rich functionality and supplementary features many higher-ranked applications do, but with its easy-to-use interface and several support options, it makes home inventory management accessible and simple.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager