Pros / You get an extraordinary object library of more than 7,500 items to place in your designs.

Cons / You must pay a fee to get help by phone.

 Verdict / Feature-packed Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is easy to use once you've taken the time to learn it. It contains plenty of options and tools so you get a realistic depiction of what your new home or room will look like.

Editor's Note: The manufacturer has informed us that Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design 8.0 is now available for purchase. We will post the new test results and review when we next test the Interior Design Software.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design software is a renamed and updated version of what once was HGTV Ultimate Home Design. This newly rechristened home design software application embodies all the fine qualities of the earlier version and presents some great new updates.

With it, you get a wealth of interior design tools, objects, colors, textures and capabilities that will make designing a new or remodeled room in your house an enjoyable task.

There is such an abundance of features that it might seem overwhelming at first, and you will need to work on learning how to use this application correctly. Fortunately, it's equipped with many internal tools that can assist you in using this software, such as a tutorial that pops up when you choose a tool. You also get videos and written instructions guiding you through the process, and in short order, you can begin renovating dreary rooms into stunning showpieces. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design gives you so many top-notch features and is incredibly easy to use that it easily earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  • Object Library
  • Sample Plans
  1. The number of objects, such as flooring options, furniture and light fixtures that come standard with the program.
    More is Better.
  2. 1  Virtual Architect Ultimate
    7500.0 Objects
  3. 6500.0 Objects
  4. 4700.0 Objects
  5. Category Average
    4670.0 Objects

Room Design

This exceptional software is equipped with a stunning 7,500+ objects in its library so you can pick and choose, edit as you go and come up with the precise design you want. This includes moldings, window coverings, furniture, flooring, materials, different textures and paint. For interior work, you get designers for windows, doors, cabinets and fireplaces. This is the largest object library of all the software we reviewed, the next largest is Home Design Interiors, with 6,500+ objects.

In addition, you can position where you will need electrical wiring, HVAC and plumbing pipes as well as their fixtures, and you can adjust the inside of your home to accommodate changes. It can be costly just to extend a wall if it contains electrical wires. The tools in this home design software can help you not only estimate the cost of materials but let you see how things would look if you make such an adjustment. If it doesn't work, no problem. You can simply redo a portion of your online creation before spending a penny or knocking down a single wall.

This home design software does an excellent job if you are remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms. The well-stocked object library offers a huge selection of such things as sinks, showers, cabinets, furniture, light fixtures, benches and much more for you to experiment with. You get a substantial selection of floor materials, different types of countertops, paint colors and fabrics, and brand name furniture and appliances.

Helpful bathroom and kitchen wizards guide you through the process of designing these rooms until they meet your standards. Here again, you get a big selection of items to choose from, including more than 200 different cabinets, an assortment of different types of flooring, quite a selection of countertops, paints and fabrics, and a good-sized choice of appliances. This comes with brand name items and materials so you can see how a particular item would look in your renovated room.

In addition, this home design software includes landscaping features so you can make your deck, patio, yard and garden an extension of your home and coordinate everything to create a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing place to live, inside and out.

Planning & Construction

There are only nine sample plans to start work, but if you want, you can select from thousands of online plans, import them into the program and, starting from scratch, create your own design.

In addition, you can import existing photos of your home's interior and then revamp every detail you want to change using the various objects, textures, colors and materials in this feature-packed software. For example, you can change the paint, flooring, and countertops and add windows and doors. If you don't like how that looks, you can edit away what you dislike and add what you want, examining this from a variety of views. Importing your 2D photos is a quick way to help you visualize what your interior will look like with a little renovation.

One useful tool is a trace floor plan capability that allows you to import a blueprint, floor plan or photo. Using this tool, you can trace the walls and "install" windows and doors or make any other changes you want, then delete the original image. What is left is a 2D rendition of the room design you would like. You can also trace features from different plans and merge them together until you get the plan you want. You also can see them in 3D.

With this 3D home design software, you get highly useful tools, such as a stair generator, so you can try different staircases in your online creation and see how they would look. In addition, you can make curved walls as well as the traditional straight variety, and you can remodel sections of your existing house or the whole thing.

Remodeling or renovating a room typically is a pricey endeavor, but you can stay on track with spending with this application's cost estimator. It notes the materials you need for your remodel or renovation, and it gives you a reasonably accurate figure for the total cost of the materials.

Once you've completed your design, you can export it to an architect for further refinement or to a contractor in a DXF file, which is a CAD software format. CAD (computer-aided design) is used by professionals in engineering, architecture and other fields.

Help & Support

You get useful video tutorials on the company's website that can assist you in maneuvering through the various design processes along with answering questions that might come up as you progress. If you run into problems with this home interior design software, you also can check a FAQs section on the website. Unfortunately, to speak to a company representative, you must pay a fee to do so.


Even if you are new to designing, it won't take long before you can create a lovely room that you can view in 3D, edit to your heart's content and then export to an architect or contractor in a professional format. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design presents great designing tools, plenty of creative options and considerable flexibility. This software is an excellent pick.

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