Pros / This software boasts an enormous object library of more than 7,500 items to try in your design, plus access to more through SketchUp.

Cons / You must pay to get customer help by phone.

 Verdict / Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is easy to use. Beginners will master it quickly. It also provides great flexibility so you can be as creative as you like with your kitchen design project.

Editor's Note: The manufacturer has informed us that Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design 8.0 is now available for purchase. We will post the new test results and review when we next test Kitchen Design Software.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design, previously called HGTV Ultimate Home Design, provides an abundance of features and tools to create the kitchen you've always wanted, including numerous kitchen design tools, a huge built-in object library and access to a second set of objects, different textures, colors and materials and more.

You get so many tools and options that you might feel lost initially, but once you familiarize yourself with the software, it becomes intuitive and easy. This software also helps by including tools that help you learn how to use it, including a tutorial that pops up when you select a tool. Also included are instructional videos and written guidelines that ease you through the process.

In short order, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen. The excellent features and ease of use make Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

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  • Object Library Size
  1. Object libraries contain flooring options, light fixtures and window coverings.
    More is better
  2. 1  Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design
    7500.0 objects
  3. 6500.0 objects
  4. 4700.0 objects
  5. Category Average
    4216.5 objects

Room Design

This first-rate kitchen design tool comes with 7,500+ objects in its library and access to many more through SketchUp, which lets you try different items in your design and then edit it until you create the exact kitchen you want. You can experiment with moldings, flooring, appliances, window coverings, furniture, materials, paints and more. You also can use built-in designer tools to create doors, windows, cabinets, and you can even add a fireplace.

You also can place such essentials as electrical wiring, HVAC and plumbing pipes along with their fixtures, which is an important matter to consider early on in a home remodeling or renovation project. With 7,500+ choices, this software’s object library is the largest among the kitchen design software we reviewed. The only one that came close to matching this number was Home Design Interiors with 6,500.

When it comes to kitchen redesign or remodeling, this software does an excellent job. The well-stocked object library offers an enormous selection of sinks, cabinets, furniture, light fixtures, benches and more for you to experiment with as you customize your new kitchen.

A useful kitchen wizard guides you through the process of designing what is probably the most heavily used room in your house until it is the way you want it to look and function.

This kitchen design software includes landscaping features so you can make your garden, deck, patio and yard an extension of your home. You can place outdoor grills, ovens and seating areas as well as create herb gardens using this software.

Planning & Construction

This software offers only nine sample plans for you to use if that's the route you want to take, but never fear, you have many more choices than that. You can choose from thousands of online plans, import them into the program and, starting from scratch, create your own design. In addition, you can import existing photos of your home's interior and then upgrade every area you want to change using the various objects, textures, colors and materials in this feature-packed software. If you’re looking for more sample plans, applications such as Punch Home & Landscape Design Premium and TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Design Pro offer up to 45 to choose from.

You can make all the changes you want. For aesthetics, you can alter the paint, flooring and countertops, and add windows and doors. There is no problem if you choose something that looks ugly or doesn't fit in: You can simply edit away what doesn't work and add what you want. Your 2D photos offer a quick way to help you visualize what your interior will look like with a little renovation.

One useful tool is a trace floor plan capability that allows you to import a blueprint, floor plan or a photo and replicate it. With this tool, you trace the walls, install windows and doors or make any other structural changes you want, then eliminate the original image. What remains is a 2D rendition of the room design you would like. If you see things in different designs that you like, you can merge them together into your own, unique kitchen plan. You also can see them in 3D.

With this 3D home design software, you get helpful tools, such as a stair generator, so you can try different staircases in your online creation and see how they well they would work in your improved kitchen. You also can create stylish curved walls as well as the traditional straight variety, and you can remodel sections of your existing kitchen or the entire room.

Any kind of remodeling project usually turns out to be rather costly. This software helps you stay up to date on spending with the application's cost estimator. It lists the materials you will need, and it gives you a fairly accurate figure for the cost of the materials.

Once you've finished your design, you can export it to an architect for further refinement or to a contractor in a DXF file, which is a CAD (computer aided design) software format used by professionals in engineering, architecture and other fields.

Help & Support

The website for this kitchen design program features helpful video tutorials on how to use the different features and guides you through the design process. If you encounter problems with this kitchen design tool, you also can check the FAQs section on the website. Unfortunately, if you need to speak to a company representative you must first pay a fee in order to do so.


Even a beginner new at design can create a fine new kitchen with this software and its helpful built-in instructional tools. You can see your creation in 3D, make edits as needed, and you can export your design to an architect or contractor in a professional format.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design gives you plenty of excellent design tools, an abundance of creative options and lots of flexibility. If you want to try your hand at designing a new or remodeled kitchen, look to Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design for the help you need.

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