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The Best Mac Greeting Card Software of 2017

Give Personalized, Professional-Looking Cards

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The Best Mac Greeting Card Software of 2017
Our Ranking Mac Greeting Card Software Price
1 Hallmark Card Studio for Mac $39.99
2 PrintMaster Platinum $30.00
3 The Print Shop for Mac $49.99
4 Greeting Card Shop 3 $39.99
5 Greeting Box for Mac $9.99
6 iCollage $29.00
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Mac Greeting Card Software Review

What Can You Do With Mac Greeting Card Software?

The top performers in our review are the Hallmark Card Studio for Mac, the Gold Award winner; PrintMaster Platinum, the Silver Award winner; and The Print Shop, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a program to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of six Mac greeting card makers.

Younger generations may or may not understand why, but paper greeting cards still happen. Electronic notifications are great in their own way, but a birthday greeting that you can hold in your hand, post on the refrigerator or set on your desk is a different kind of nice. A paper greeting can really brighten someone's day, especially when it comes to holiday cards and thank-you cards. Mac greeting card software is one way to make them even more special by allowing you to personalize them.

You can personalize a drugstore card in some ways, of course, when you sign it, but when you have a way to create your own cards, the design is uniquely yours. The best card making software for Mac gives you just enough inspiration to get you started with clip art and themes, but you get to take it from there and make a masterpiece of your own. There are other options for this sort of endeavor, including a wide range of online photo card makers. Those programs do most of the creating for you, though; you just add in your name and photos and order. That allows less creativity but can be good for saving time.

If you have a creative knack and want to make time in your schedule for personalized sentiments on a regular basis, greeting card software for Mac can offer just the right amount of head start, giving you raw materials but still allowing you to express yourself. You can add a photo of your toddler to a thank-you card to Grandma for her birthday gift, for instance, or try your hand at a poem for your valentine. There are a million ways to use greeting card programs for Mac to express sentiments and brighten someone's day.

Many of the applications we reviewed offer similar tools with which you can create your own greeting cards. However, some applications are easier to use than others. The best programs make it fun and easy to create a personalized card. For more information, check out our articles about Mac greeting card software.

How to Choose Greeting Card Software for Mac

The most effective card makers for Mac have several basic aspects. The software should be easy to use, offer lots of design features, provide tools to help you customize the card and come with effective support options.

When you're considering which product to purchase, the number of predesigned cards and templates is the most important factor. Greeting cards are often remembered at the last minute as an addition to a gift or for a just-remembered birthday. Being able to create and print out a card in a hurry and having a wide selection of designs for major holidays, special occasions and life events can reduce the stress, as you won't have to run to the store and you'll know you're not giving the same old card again and again.

The number of included art assets, such as fonts and clip art images, is also vital, as is the option to adjust the orientation of images and text. Multiple options for how to fold the cards is another feature to look for when you're shopping for greeting card programs for Mac, increasing the variety of looks your cards can have.

The more options you have, the better you'll be able to customize your cards. In addition to the visual effects, another helpful feature is a spell-checker. While a personalized card is nice, nothing will distract someone from the message of the card like a typo, especially if it is their name.

Good photo-editing tools are an asset to this type of software, but not required. Some of the best card making software includes simple editing tools such as color adjustment, red-eye removal, photo cropping and image resizing. Having tools such as these included with the software makes the creative process more streamlined and enjoyable, saving you the trouble of editing your images in a separate application.

Mac Card Making Software: What Else to Consider

Any card making program for Mac involves several steps to the process: selecting a card theme and template, importing and editing photos or images, composing or adapting a message, and adjusting all the visual components. If the application is too difficult to use, you might give up when you don't have ample time and still purchase greeting cards at the store for the convenience factor. This is why ease of use is important. The best card makers for Mac have simple interfaces and intuitive tools, letting you quickly create the designs you're envisioning without spending time watching tutorials or reading the user guide.

Software help files should be easy to find, use and understand. Types of support can include a help index, project tutorials and online FAQs. With the best applications and strong teaching materials, you'll become an expert at designing custom cards in less time than it takes to browse cards on supermarket shelves.

Printing your own cards at home can be a great way to save time and money, as you don’t have to wait for a custom card to ship to your home from an online graphic design service. The quality of your printer is something to take into consideration as well if you plan on printing a lot during the year. Check out our reviews and comparisons for inkjet printers, all-in one printers and laser printers to find the best printer for your card making needs.

Mac Card Making Software: Our Verdict & Recommendations

All of the card making programs in our review offer a boost to the creativity that is already in you. Our top picks are especially capable, though. Hallmark Card Studio stands out with its incredibly extensive library of 10,200 attractive professional templates that you can only find in this software. Additionally, you can quickly and easily import photos from iPhoto and iSight to create unique cards, as well as scrapbook pages, calendars, stationery and more.

PrintMaster Platinum boasts an impressive 165,000 clip art objects in its library of art assets, more than any of the other software in our review offers. It also includes a red-eye removal tool and photo-cropping capabilities to help your photos complement the quality premade templates.

The Print Shop for Mac is a versatile program capable of creating many other design projects besides cards, such as fliers, banners and envelopes. It has an effective greeting card template library and allows you to create your own cards from scratch.

With Mac greeting card making software, you can become an expert at designing personalized mementos in no time. It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is – greeting card makers for Mac can provide a creative solution for those special times in life.