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The Best Nutrition Software of 2017

Nutrition Software: Whip Your Diet Into Shape

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The Best Nutrition Software of 2017
Our Ranking Nutrition Software Price
1 DietMaster 2100 $24.95
2 Weightmania Pro $59.99
3 Nutrinote $49.95
4 DietOrganizer $19.95
5 FitDay $29.95
6 Diet Pro $64.95
7 Cook'n $79.95
8 Do-It $39.95
9 FrenchDiet $30.00
10 Diet Sleuth $34.99
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Nutrition Software Review

What Can Nutrition Software Do for You?

Nutrition software helps you follow your personal health care program. Think of it as a personal nutritionist. You record your meals and snacks and the software counts your calories, calculates vital nutrition information and helps you adjust your eating habits. The software tells you which nutrients you lack and helps you focus on eating only what you need to reach a healthy weight and maintain it.

The best calorie counter software will provide you with a nutritional analysis of your diet and track your progress to help you plan a healthy diet. The ability to add your favorite recipes into the nutritional database will further help you customize your experience. If you want to know how many calories you burned during the day, many of these software titles also track your exercise activity.

Our side-by-side comparison is designed to help you learn what makes the best nutrition software so you can purchase software as an informed consumer. To see great examples of the best nutrition software on the market, check out the top three products in our lineup: DietMaster 2100, Weightmania and Nutrinote. For more information about nutrition in general, look at our articles related to nutrition.

Nutrition Software: What to Look For

Helpful and functional nutrition software makes it easy for you to enter your information and view evaluations and progress reports. Since it is an application that you'll use every day, it needs to be extremely simple to use and offer helpful support if you should need it. Here are some things that the top nutrition software will have.

Diet Management

The feature set is the array of tools that are available. Good diet software includes all of the tools needed to monitor diet, exercise, weight, body fat percent goals as well as blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These should include comprehensive food lists for entering food intake as well as an exercise database. The program should also have the ability to formulate a plan based on areas of concern and compare daily intake and activity to health goals.

General Nutrition

The program you choose should have additional tools and information to help you manage and keep track of your customized diet plan. Since diet analysis software can monitor your intake, it can also act as a calorie counter and let you know if you taking in the desired amount of calories or not, if you are not drinking enough water, or if you forget to take your prescribed medications.

Help & Support

Pick out software that comes with an easy-to-understand help section. There should also be contact information or technical support available through email or telephone. A detailed section of FAQs will help you solve common software problems.

With nutrition analysis software, you can enter, view and track your daily nutrition and activity information. Armed with these tools you know how to manage a health program tailored specifically to meet your goals. With sustained effort, you will be eating better and exercising more thanks to some very intuitive software.