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Cook'n 11 Review

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PROS / Cook'n has a very large database of recipes with complete nutritional information.

CONS / Other than nutritional information for each meal, Cook'n has few nutrition features.

 VERDICT / Cook'n has a dynamite selection of recipes. The few nutrition features in its portfolio are accurate and useful.

Cook'n is a change of pace when it comes to nutrition software. The program itself is designed to catalog recipes, but a great side effect of this is the detailed nutritional information that comes with each recipe. This product is light on nutrition features but has a large food database that is ideal for people who think good nutrition lies in a balanced meal. Also, the technical support is very easy to contact via email.

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There are very few nutrition features, but you can find a calendar that helps you plan your calories for the day. You can change the portion sizes and yields of every recipe to suit your nutritional needs. While there is no dedicated calorie counter, you can track your calories on your own, but this takes extra work on your part.

  1. The total number of items included in the software's food database
  2. 7 Cook'n
    10000 number of items
  3. 13000 number of items
  4. 20000 number of items
  5. 7500 number of items
  6. Category Average
    8403.90 number of items

The area where Cook'n really shines is in diet management. You can find around 10,000 foods in the database that help you build your own custom recipes with healthy food options. The program keeps track of the meals you've had and offers nutrient summaries for every recipe. The food database also includes brand named foods that you can incorporate into recipes without having to input additional nutritional data. Cook'n has no exercise functions or reporting tools, but it can still be an effective dieting tool with its food information.

Cook'n is surprisingly easy to use and has a simple, clean design. If you need technical support for Cook'n, you have very few options, but they definitely hold their own against larger companies that have more built-out customer support departments. You can contact DVO Enterprise via email and they will respond to your questions and requests in a very short amount of time. For most problems, however, you only need to go to the online FAQs to find a simple solution.


While this software is ranked lower because of a lack of features, the quality of its other features helps it compete well against other less developed nutrition software. Cook'n is a first-rate recipe database that has excellent nutritional information, but it lacks exercise and reporting features. If you're looking for software that is geared toward the food you make at home, Cook'n is an excellent source of healthy recipes and their nutritional value.

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