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DietOrganizer 2.9 Review

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PROS / DietOrganizer has the best graphics and design among nutrition software.

CONS / There are no recipes included with DietOrganizer.

 VERDICT / If you want nutrition software that looks fantastic and is easy to use, look no further than DietOrganizer.

DietOrganizer is practical nutrition software. If you want to lose weight with a reasonable diet and exercise program, DietOrganizer provides every tool you need in a satisfying format. This is augmented by the software's graphics and design, which are the best in our lineup.

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The application's calendar gives you a quick look at your activity for each day of the month. It records your activities in the food and exercise logs and posts your information where you will see it. The calorie counter shows you color coded alerts that display various eating habits, which may affect your progress. You can record your good nutrition by meal and use the search panel to select a food from your favorites. You can even pick a previous meal or menu from the database. You’ll enjoy the easy and efficient search function.

  1. The total number of items included in the software's food database
  2. 4 DietOrganizer
    7000 number of items
  3. 13000 number of items
  4. 20000 number of items
  5. 7500 number of items
  6. Category Average
    8403.90 number of items

The exercise view is similar to the food view in look and feel. Find the exercises or routines you prefer by going to the left search panel and clicking your preference to add to that day’s exercise log. In no time, you’ll have a complete exercise list to choose from and you can even add your own custom exercises. A simple spreadsheet tracks your weight, metabolic rate, body measurements, body fat and blood pressure.

All views have a quick summary at the bottom of the page. See how many calories you have left for the day, your exercise history, nutrient breakdown and measurement history, depending on the view. DietOrganizer comes with three customizable reports. For example, choose the Daily Report and then specify what to include such as a food log, calorie breakdown, nutrients, exercise log, measurements and journal. You can customize a date range for your report. Charts are equally easy to generate and customize.

Watch for color-coding on the calendar: Orange indicates you went slightly over your calorie goal and red says you were over by more than 10 percent. The quantity selector allows you to use a dedicated food calculator to modify quantities from meal to meal. This ensures that you can get the right amount of healthy food every time.

The design of DietOrganizer is the most streamlined we’ve seen. Large icons are used effectively to make navigation easy. The search functions are advanced, foods can easily be made into meals or saved as favorites and exercise works exactly the same way, creating an efficient program. You’ll save time with your data entry and see the information you need to track your progress automatically with DietOrganizer. The integrated help is useful and complete. Screenshots are included with the friendly how-to instructions.


DietOrganizer is designed to help you meet your diet goals. You may struggle with your food restrictions, but you won’t have any trouble with this nutrition software. You simply enter your food and exercise activities as quickly as possible and track your progress effortlessly.

DietOrganizer 2.9 Visit Site