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Pros / Do-It has an excellent help section included with the software.

Cons / Do-It is very difficult to navigate.

 Verdict / The nutritional information is very detailed, but navigation issues make this a less-than-optimal choice for nutrition software.

Do-It suffers from a few chronic conditions that give it a low ranking when you compare it with similar nutrition software. Some of these problems include a small feature set, confusing navigation and limited customer support. Luckily, Do-It is compatible with commercial diets and offers a rating system that takes your daily nutrition goals and gives you a failing or passing grade based on your progress. The various features of this software are not linked to one another, so you'll have to put some effort into determining your progress.

There are several options available for you to display your healthy food information in the Do-It software. Each of these is fully compatible with goals that relate to commercial diet programs such as Weight Watchers, Zone Diet and Atkins Diet. Do-It does not include tools for weight calculation or body measurements.

The helpful heart graphs in Do-It show caloric, fiber and fat intake compared with guidelines that have been set by the American Heart Association. Your personal profile is a glimpse into several of your health factors, such as body fat percentage, which can be viewed on convenient graphs. Other graphs act as summaries of your caloric information and recommendations for the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that you should have in your diet for good nutrition.

The program layout of Do-It makes navigation more difficult than in the top-ranked products. The simple pass/fail system and the gain/lose graphic provide quick feedback, but are very simple mechanisms. Functions are cumbersome and time consuming. Also, the program lacks export/import capabilities and a tool to create meal plans.

Do-It has a well-designed, content-sensitive help section. This section has screen shots with instructions on how to navigate each screen. There's even a section of navigation topics, which clarifies navigation further. The help section also gives detailed descriptions of each graph. If you have problems that cannot be solved in the help section, you can contact technical support via email or phone.

  • Food Database
  • Ease of Use
  1. The total number of items included in the software's food database
  2. 8  Do-It
    7500.0 number of items
  3. 13000.0 number of items
  4. 20000.0 number of items
  5. 7500.0 number of items
  6. Category Average
    8403.9 number of items


Do-It is a functional calorie counter that gives extensive nutritional and weight-management data. The stop and go theme is well intentioned, but falls short. If you can live with the navigational flaws of this software, you'll find it a useful tool to manage your daily nutrition.

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