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FrenchDiet 1.0.2 Review

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PROS / The visual presentation offers enjoyable summaries of daily nutritional intake.

CONS / There is no exercise log to track daily activity.

 VERDICT / While not as advanced as other nutrition software on the market, FrenchDiet stands out as a visually attractive and useful product.

FrenchDiet is all about presentation. This nutrition software may lack some features found in its competitors, but it shows your body composition and healthy food options in a visually appealing way. The photos of the food choices look like they come from a European market. Your profile also features an avatar that shows your progress as well.

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The graphics may not be up to par with today's standard, but the effect that they have is enormous. The mouth-watering food and a figure that transforms as you lose weight are certainly compelling features. FrenchDiet has intuitive icons that help you find whatever you seek with very few problems.

  1. The total number of items included in the software's food database
  2. 9 FrenchDiet
    6200 number of items
  3. 13000 number of items
  4. 20000 number of items
  5. 7500 number of items
  6. Category Average
    8403.90 number of items

FrenchDiet has a number of features that help you manage your food and organize it into groups of favorite meals. The favorites list is great for quick access. The integrated Mediterranean Diet has guidelines that help you meet your goals. You can view your progress in the form of a food pyramid or food podium. The icons use the red, yellow and green scheme of a traffic light to inform you if you're on track for that day.

Most leading nutrition software products have enormous food databases. FrenchDiet's food database is smaller, but it allows you to add foods easily. The program also has a timesaving search tool that moves to the right part of the database alphabetically as you type in the food, letter by letter. We were disappointed that FrenchDiet tracks only 19 nutrition elements; most nutrition products track over 30. The Body Mass Index screen shows 15 different calculations for your ideal BMI. However, each calculation yields a slightly different result, calling in to question the validity of the BMI section.

One of the major components lacking in this program is an exercise log that tracks daily physical activity, demonstrating the relationship between exercise, calorie burning and good nutrition. The program also lacks the ability to create meal plans and shopping lists, two features typically found in nutrition software packages.

FrenchDiet is a visual calorie counter, but it is still difficult to navigate. Screens show an enormous amount of information, though they're in unfamiliar formats. FrenchDiet includes a comprehensive user manual and excellent help documentation. Once you become familiar with the program's difficult navigation, very few difficulties arise when using this product. Technical support is only available via email.


FrenchDiet lacks a comprehensive food database, an exercise log and meal-planning tools. These three features are useful to most dieters to track their progress. However, FrenchDiet has a compelling graphic approach, which offers a different range of information than we're used to seeing in other software.

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