Pros / This software has an extremely large food database.

Cons / This software can be hard to use and navigate.

 Verdict / Kathleen's Diet Planner is comprehensive and loaded with practical features, but its user interface complicates the program and makes it difficult to use sometimes.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Kathleen's Diet Planner is an effective dieting tool. If you are interested in losing, maintaining or even gaining weight, this software can help you achieve good nutrition throughout the whole process. However, despite its thorough nutrition documentation features and meal and recipe database, Kathleen's Diet Planner's interface is utilitarian and somewhat difficult to use at times. This nutrition software has one of the most extensive lists of features on any calorie counter on the market, offering everything from glycemic load information to a large food database. The health monitoring capabilities and personal database allow you to add unlimited users, so everyone in your home can participate.

Designed for personal and professional use, Kathleen’s Diet Planner brings the expertise of a dietician into your home with a comprehensive exercise database and tracking system. The photo album helps you track your progress with before and after photos that can be displayed individually, side-by-side or as a slide show. The recipe chest comes with a variety of healthy food recipes and you can easily add your own.

Along with tracking your weight and measurements, Kathleen’s Diet Planner lets you track most any measurable aspect of your health: blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, ketosis levels, glycemic loads and medications. You can also use the calculator to find BMI, BMR, body fat percentage, lean body mass, hip to waist ratio and ratio of daily calories to goal calories.

Exercise is an essential component to healthy weight loss, and Kathleen’s Diet Planner has a comprehensive exercise database and tracking system. When you enter your activities for the day, the program will automatically recalculate the calories you’ve burned.

Manage your food choices easily with Kathleen’s Diet Planner. You can assess both the U.S. and Canadian food databases, all with complete nutritional information. Add foods to meals, favorites, recipes and shopping list to make your new healthy eating habits and good nutrition easier to achieve.

Kathleen’s Diet Planner uses integrated charts to present a clear picture of your diet, nutrition, exercise and general health. You’ll see them on each screen. You can also build charts of your own with up to 16 items to display and the program’s quick chart feature will store and remember them.

Kathleen's Diet Planner is easy to navigate, once you become familiar with the layout, despite its extensive feature list. There is a lot of information on each screen. Color coding and simple icons are used effectively to manage the information and make each step clear as you enter data and generate reports. However, despite some intuitive organization features, the interface through which these tools and features are accessed could use some serious work.

The help and documentation offered by Kathleen's Diet Planner is comprehensive. Each screen's help section delivers a snapshot of the screen and provides details so that you can find your way. There are printable PDF manuals available to help with questions too, or you can contact the manufacturer by email.

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Kathleen's Diet Planner is certainly one of the most comprehensive nutrition analysis programs on the market, yet lacks the polishes in terms of interface design and program operation that would make its impressive database stand out above the best nutrition software.

Kathleen's Diet Planner 14.6 Visit Site