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Pros / Nutrinote offers useful and practical features to help you design a nutrition program.

Cons / You cannot reach technical support by telephone, only by email.

 Verdict / Nutrinote is an admirable piece of nutrition software that is especially helpful for people with special dietary needs.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Nutrinote, our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, is nutrition software that focuses on the nutrition at hand, providing minute details, down to the daily percentage of iron. Whether you're seeking a nutrition planner to track and control your daily diet, tools to help you evaluate development of dietary goals or features to help tackle special dietary needs such as diabetes, celiac disease or others, Nutrinote can meet your needs.

While Nutrinote lacks the interface design polishes of other nutrition software, it does maintain a measure of minimalism and a strong feature-set to make up for most of its design deficits. Additionally, Nutrinote is in many ways beneficial. It provides custom input methods for nutritional data and general nutritional information that often require software updates or cost extra on other software.

  • Food Database
  • Ease of Use
  1. The total number of items included in the software's food database
  2. 3  Nutrinote
    7500.0 number of items
  3. 13000.0 number of items
  4. 20000.0 number of items
  5. Category Average
    8403.9 number of items

Diet Management

Nutrinote has many built-in elements that routinely adjust to suit both your health attributes (percentage of body fat, etc.) and your nutritional and exercise goals. You no longer have to do extra guesswork to apply dietary information to yourself. Nutrinote shows the impact of your diet and exercise on your individual health. You can view your progress by day, week, month or year. Nutrinote gives you as broad or specific a portrait of your health as you need. Best of all, with auto-generated charts and graphs, you can view your dietary and health data in a quick and simple fashion.

Though other nutrition software offers more recipes than Nutrinote, few of those applications provide the search and filter tools necessary to find the correct food item or recipe, and even fewer provide the tools to add new food items and recipes with complete dietary information. With Nutrinote, having to settle for items that come “close enough” to those you’ve actually consumed never has to happen again.

Nutrinote offers most features included by other nutrition software manufacturers, but manages to break the mold by addressing other health indicators. As opposed to a simple calorie counter or food log, Nutrinote provides you with an interface for recording mood and inputting more quantifiable general health indicators.

General Nutrition

Though its food and recipe database isn’t as large as other software, few nutrition applications include as much dietary information as Nutrinote. And, if you're unable to find a recipe in the database, Nutrinote offers an “add recipe” feature that allows you to put in all the necessary information, from the total calories to the daily percentage of zinc. With so many nutritional details, it's no wonder that Nutrinote is a powerful tool if you have a special diet but still want to fill your diet with healthy food.

Most nutrition software offers graphs or charts that express their dietary data, but few can do so with as many user customizations as Nutrinote. Whether you want to chart your progress over the month, overview your caloric consumption by meal or hour, or even look back on an entire year, Nutrinote gives you the solution for good nutrition in both the long- and short-term.

One of Nutrinote’s greatest strengths lies in its ease of use, which is due in large part to its simplicity. It offers intuitive features, step-by-step directions for first-time users and streamlined, straightforward planning and recording features that make setting goals, recording diet and managing health considerably easy.

Many of the other nutrition software options offer plenty of filler without providing an equal amount of substance. The filler generally amounts to software components that pointlessly take up disc space, or reference materials that are difficult to access or outdated. With Nutrinote, the disc space burden is eased substantially, with all tools and features having tab functionality for easy reference and quick access without the unnecessary clutter.

Help & Support

One area of Nutrinote that remains underdeveloped is its help and support. While the application is simple, straightforward and includes many built-in help features including a help tab, there are few additional resources, such as community forums, FAQs, online PDF manuals and guides and other resources. And, aside from an email address to a general company account, there is no contact information available for in-person help and technical support. Nevertheless, even through regular and heavy use, no problems emerged that we couldn't address through the help tab features.


Nutrinote is deceptively simple, offering easy to use tools and intuitive features that can absorb highly detailed nutritional information and easily compose it into charts, graphs and other referential resources. While it still lacks many of the features available in other nutrition software, Nutrinote is an excellent nutrition software program for both dieters and those with special dietary needs.

Nutrinote 2010 Visit Site