Russia-based Akvis provides numerous photo processing applications. These applications can complete a variety of tasks, including restoring old photos, adding makeup to subjects and enhancing image details and colors. Each application focuses on a different aspect of perfecting your photos, so you will want to consider what your main objectives are with photo retouching software before choosing which application is best for you.

One application, Akvis Makeup, allows you to touch up the subjects in your portraits by applying makeup to their face. This software provides a handful of features, including the ability to remove blemishes and wrinkles and create a smooth complexion. In addition, there are many retouching tools: You can change a subject's hair color, whiten his or her teeth and remove red eye.

One of the advantages to using an application like Akvis Makeup is that it simplifies the editing process. With Akvis Makeup, there are two options for utilizing its photo editing tools: Express and Advanced. With Express mode, you can make changes with just one click of the mouse. With Advanced mode, you can make precise changes so the final image is exactly what you envisioned. This mode is ideal for perfectionists and if you have more time to devote to editing your photos.

Akvis applications are available for both Windows and Mac OS X computers. In addition, this image retouching software supports a variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, RAW and BMP.

If any questions or concerns arise, Akvis offers many customer support options. A FAQs section on the company website can provide some information about the software, purchasing and installation. You can also call or email customer support. There are also social networking channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, that you can access for more information or to ask questions.

Akvis provides numerous applications to retouch your photos, including restoring photos or even adding makeup to your subjects. However, you'll want to first decide what you want to accomplish with your photo editing software as the applications from this company are fairly specific. Although, if you have questions or concerns, there are plenty of customer support options available to help you decide which application is best and to help you get the most out of the application.