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U.K.-based Anthropics offers numerous photo retouching applications. A handful of the products from this company focus on retouching the subjects in your photos to create a cover-model quality image. Some applications provide tools to add makeup to your subjects, remove blemishes and reshape your subject's face and body.

Each Anthropics application provides myriad photo correcting tools, instead of just focusing on one specific task. PortraitPro Body is one application that allows you to retouch portraits in a matter of minutes. This application is designed to perfect the entire body. You can reshape your subject's face and resculpt their body. You can also adjust the lighting and smooth the skin to give your subject a flawless glow. Furthermore, there are tools to manipulate and correct posture. Whereas many image retouching applications focus primarily on the face, some products by Anthropics focus on the entire body.

Several applications provide digital makeup capabilities. With these tools, you can give your subjects a full makeover and customize their look with different colors and combinations. You can apply a variety of makeup effects, including blush, lipstick, eye shadow and foundation.

Many Anthropics applications are mobile friendly. You can add photo retouching effects from your Android or iOS devices. This company even provides products specifically for your mobile device such as Mira Selfie Editor, which allows you to retouch and perfect selfies before posting and sharing them online.

In the event of questions or issues with your software, email and telephone options are available. In addition, on the Contact Us page, you'll also find links organized by application name to other resources. These links will take you to FAQs specific to the product and the user manual (available in PDF form). There is also a link to submit a support ticket and to check on the status of a previously submitted support ticket.

Anthropics is photo editing software that not only focuses on retouching the face of subjects but the entire body as well. You have all the basic features you need, such as applying makeup and removing blemishes, as well as advanced tools, including resculpting an entire body and correcting posture. This company excels with its mobile options, however, its customer support options are limited.