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You don't have to take a class or learn an extensive photo editing program like Photoshop to get the best results from your portraits. Beautune is photo retouching software that provides the basic and advanced features that every photo enhancer needs. This application provides tools to help create flawless skin, whiten teeth and reshape a subject's face.

This image retouching software provides many tools to adjust different facial features of your subject, including skin, eyes and mouth. There are different menus available for each of these features, and each menu is pretty straightforward. For example, the Skin menu contains all the tools you need to smooth out rough skin and wrinkles, remove blemishes and even reshape the face. The Eyes menu allows you to brighten eyes, add mascara and eyeliner as well as enlarge eyes.

The Mouth menu includes two tools: Lip Tint and Teeth Whitening. You don't have to worry about stained teeth, just select the brush size and intensity and make those teeth glisten. Lip Tint allows you to change the color of your subject's lips, even if they didn't wear makeup to the photo shoot. Unfortunately, you have to draw the colors on manually because Beautune does not use facial mapping to select the areas for you.

Beautune comes with a variety of popular style filters and frames to add that extra something to your portraits. For example, some frame options will make your photo look vintage, add a warm or cool filter or add a grunge style. This software runs on both Windows as well as on Mac OS X.

Customer support for Beautune can be found on the Everimaging homepage (Everimaging is the software developer). Unfortunately, the company only offers help by email. There are a few FAQs, but they are limited.

Beautune provides basic features and tools to retouch photos. The easy-to-understand and efficient interface combine with the application's reshaping features and simple tools allow you to quickly create cover models out of ordinary people. However, we wish there were more options available with customer support in the event you have any difficulty or issues with the software.