Photo Makeup Editor by AMS Software is a software application that allows you to fully retouch your subjects by applying lipstick, eye shadow and foundation. You can manipulate subjects' eye and hair color and even remove blemishes on the skin. This application focuses primarily on adding and retouching the subject's makeup but does not offer many special effects features.

This picture retouching software allows you to manipulate the face of your subject to create perfect, flawless images. You can reshape your subject's face, adjusting the contours, while emphasizing certain facial features such as their eyes, eyebrows and lips.

You can add makeup to your subject, including eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation and blush. In addition, if you want to add more color to your subject, you can manipulate the person's skin tone, eye and hair color. You can also remove blemishes and wrinkles.

The interface for this application is extremely straightforward. There are not many advanced features offered with this application, so it is easy to find the tools you need. Icons help you find the available features and are easily decipherable. It's easy to figure out how to adjust the brush and stroke size and color options with ease.

Unfortunately, this professional photo editor doesn't offer many of the features you typically find in other photo retouching software applications, such as manipulating an entire image. We didn't see any special effects tools, such as those that blur a background to help your subject stand out or that change the background to monochrome and leave the subject in color.

AMS Software doesn't offer many customer support avenues. There is an email address where you can reach a representative, but there is no telephone or live chat support. We also could not find any support resources such as FAQs or tutorials on the company's website.

Photo Makeup Editor is a basic image retouching software application. It provides numerous features to beautify your subjects, including the ability to reshape their face, change eye and hair color, and remove skin blemishes. Unfortunately, the image editing options are limited, and you're limited to reaching customer support through one method – email.

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