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Two Pilots provides a handful of photo retouching applications to help you create beautiful, lasting images. You can find tools to retouch your subject's appearance, including removing spots and blemishes. This company also offers applications and tools to add makeup to your subjects.

You can choose from a number of software offerings from Two Pilots. Some of its digital photograph products you can buy separately, or you can purchase a photo package. If you purchase the applications separately, you are very limited with the tools and what you can do. For example, the Beauty Pilot application allows you to remove spots and smooth out the subject's skin tone, but it doesn't do much else, like remove red eye.

If you wish to give your subjects a full makeover, you can use the MakeUp Pilot application to retouch photos. With this picture retouching product, you can add makeup and enhance your subject's appearance. You can remove blemishes and wrinkles and adjust skin tone. In addition, you can change eye color, add color to lips and eyes, whiten teeth and adjust the overall color of an image.

When choosing the best photo editing software, it's important to decide which features are most important to you. Is it removing red eye? Or are you interested in adding special effects to your photos? You must also ensure the application you ultimately choose offers those tools and is not limited with other features.

Besides photo retouching, other applications from Two Pilots include Perspective Pilot, which allows you to correct the perspective of your photos, and Red Eye Pilot, which focuses on removing red eye from photos. Retouch Pilot is another product that allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos.

You can reach Two Pilots via email. You'll also find FAQs on the company's website that is organized according to the name of the application.

Two Pilots offers many photo retouching tools. However, these tools are sold individually, or you can purchase a photo package. When deciding which Two Pilots' application is best for you, take some time to determine which features you need and if you need to purchase a full photo package to ensure you get all the capabilities you desire.