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Pros / JobTabs allows you to import existing resumes to review, edit and distribute directly from the program so you don't have to start from scratch.

Cons / It only has five resume templates for you to choose from.

 Verdict / JobTabs allows you to create decent resumes and can automatically apply you for jobs and keep track of your applications.

JobTabs Job Search & Resume is strong resume writing software that allows you to create polished documents to send out to potential employers. While the software has a mildly outdated look and a narrow template selection, it has an extensive customization capacity, helping you create a resume that's just right. It can also import and export resumes of various file formats, giving you flexibility as to how you approach hiring managers.

With this resume builder, you can create a chronological or functional resume and choose from five templates, which is a much smaller quantity than the other programs on our lineup offer and feels limiting when you want your resume to be highly customized. You can also create cover letters to go with your resume, which some companies require, and a well-written one can give you an edge even when it's not mandatory.

JobTabs' builder wizard does all the hard work by walking you through the resume setup and having you enter pertinent information. You can select helpful prewritten phrases to fill out job descriptions. The software is decently easy to use and offers you plenty of help along the way.

Though the software looks outdated and feels a bit clunky, it has an impressive editing and customization capacity. You can move segments of your resume around for a fresh look and manually adjust aspects like font, colors and spacing. Its preview feature lets you view your work before sending it out.

The program also includes a spell-checker, so you don't have to worry about your resume being overlooked because of a small error, and a thesaurus to help you mix up some phrases to keep the document interesting. However, it has no resume audit function to make sure everything is up to par for you in terms of resume conventions.

You can import existing resumes into the program to edit and distribute from there, which is helpful, as you don't have to start your resume from scratch to use the program. This resume maker can also download your completed resume as a Word or PDF file.

If you run into any trouble with the program, you can check out the FAQs page or user manual on the JobTabs website to see if there are quick solutions, or contact the company via email or phone. JobTabs also helps you look for jobs around the country, apply for them and keep track of your applications. Its built-in organizer keeps copies of every resume you submit as well as your contact history. The handy application wizard does the heavy lifting of applying you for jobs by simply copying and pasting your information. This makes JobTabs an all-around useful job search tool rather than a simple resume maker.

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    88.8 %


JobTabs Job Search & Resume is a decent resume builder that allows you to create resumes and distribute them to a number of companies without a fuss. It excels at helping you apply for jobs and keep track of all your job applications, so you don't have to remember every step of every application process. Though it doesn't have the modern interface or wide template selection of other resume software, it helps you create a professional-looking document and look for work.

JobTabs Job Search & Resume Visit Site