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Street Atlas USA 2011 Review

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PROS / Street Altas USA 2011 offers an excellent assortment of different search tools.

CONS / It doesn't offer the flexibility of creating more than one route at a time.

 VERDICT / For a reasonable price Street Atlas USA 2011 is a great pick.

You will reach your travel destinations quickly and safely with TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winning Street Atlas USA 2011 by DeLorme. This travel and map software can give you reliable driving directions and works with all types of portables from laptops to iPods to Palms.

Street Atlas is up-to-date and includes over 4 million points of interest (POI), including driving maps for Mexico and Canada, which we found to be a great option for those traveling in our neighboring countries.

Road trips and vacations in North America have never been easier to navigate. You'll be able to throw out the old dog-eared atlas and replace it with DeLorme Street Atlas USA travel and map software on your GPS.

It is also perfect for truckers since it not only includes driving routes but also truck stop and service information. What could be better for a trucker on the road?

The map software offers excellent search tools, can accept and give voice commands and supports the addition of local and private roads. Maps can be printed, shared, synced and downloaded.

This is a great travel and map software application; it is easy to use and extremely portable, so now you can hit the road with confidence and never drive around in circles again.

Street Atlas USA 2011 came in behind our number one pick, Microsoft Streets and Trips, simply because it doesn't offer all of the POI information that Streets and Trips does. However, it does offer quite a bit more information that our number three pick, Fugawi Global Navigator.

Ease of Use

Thanks to pop-up tutorials and a well-conceived structure, Street Atlas USA 2011 travel and map software takes little time to master. These tutorials include animated visuals alongside text, which makes learning about Street Atlas's features quick and easy.

The only problem is that with so many features available, you may get anxious to hit the road to try them all right away.

Feature Set

Right from the start, DeLorme scores high with a brief, interactive tutorial that teaches you how to use the basic navigation tools in this travel and map software.

The program is not GPS compatible but with a serial port connection to your laptop, you can get real time tracking. Real time tracking will display your current location on your laptop screen as you travel. Therefore, with your laptop and a GPS unit you can have real time tracking, detailed maps of the entire United States, driving instructions and contact information for local attractions for less than $50. Though Delorme does offer GPS bundles that include both street and topographical type maps. If you want addresses and phone numbers included with your mapping software, Delorme provides this information in Street Atlas Plus 2011.

One feature that sets this new version of DeLorme Street Atlas apart from the rest is the large font display. DeLorme recognizes the safety advantage of having fonts that are easy to read while on the road, and you'll have no problems reading this intuitive, uncluttered display. Another key feature we enjoyed was voice navigation. The program gives and responds to between 30 and 40 voice prompts, allowing you to keep eyes on the road, not on the laptop. What a great feature for those who are stuck in heavy traffic or on a winding canyon road.

Points of Interest

DeLorme went out of their way on this travel and map software to put together a massive database of POI that totals over 4 million locations. We don't doubt the authenticity of this claim, but we were disappointed that several gas stations in our travel area didn't appear on the map. And no matter which method we tried, we never found a grocery store. (To DeLorme's credit, none of the other programs we reviewed showed these ordinary but vital locations either.)

Other than this, we found the POI information to be accurate and abundant. And one of the best parts of Street Atlas USA 2011 is the ability to customize points of interest. You can narrow down your search area of even expand it with keywords. You can also choose which types of points of interest you want on the map while leaving the ones that are less interesting to you off the map altogether.

Map Customization

Multiple waypoint tracking allows for you to insert as many stops as you want or simply plot a point on the map that you just want to drive through on the way. Using Street Atlas USA 2011, you can customize your map with personalized notes, map notes, freehand drawings and symbols. And you always have the option to add local roads to the map. You can print your customized maps or bring your laptop with you to make changes as you travel. We only wish this program offered the ability to plot multiple routes simultaneously.

Safety Features

Street Atlas USA 2011 travel and map software offers a comprehensive list of telephone numbers to access local road construction updates, weather updates and hotel information. Street Atlas goes above and beyond to make sure you don't get lost. The compass, voice prompts, alerts and automatic back-on-track settings give you security and peace of mind when you travel with DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2011.

Ease of Setup

The software installed easily without any issues at all. We did not encounter any problems while using this program either. We were impressed at how smoothly it ran.

Help & Support

Street Atlas USA 2011 travel and map software sports an in-depth, easy-to-locate help section. No matter where you are in the program, a help box is always located in the upper-right corner. Click this when you have a question or want to access the safety features. The FAQs section can also be found there; we used this and found useful answers with little effort.

DeLorme also offers online forums, phone support and email support; the manufacturer responded promptly to our emails. The user manual, a PDF file in the help section, requires an Acrobat Reader download (a free download).


Street Atlas USA 2011 travel and map software by DeLorme not only beats out much of the competition, this mapping software dominates the field. Because this program offers so many useful options and features, DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2011 is among the most sophisticated mapping software available.