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Adobe Dreamweaver Review

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Adobe Dreamweaver has something for everyone: Coders can code every aspect of a page. Designers can hide the coding, input their design into the program's window and let the program do the rest. Users without a particular preference can keep both the coding and design parts open and complete their website that way. This is only a fraction of what this HTML editing program can really do. It also allows you to code in all the major programming languages: HTML, ColdFusion, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, XML, etc. Anything you can think of, Adobe Dreamweaver has it.

Standout features include a visual WYSIWYG editor and a streamlined user interface. Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to design web pages using HTML, XSLT, ActionScript, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, ASP .NET C#, ASP .NET VB, ColdFusion, JSP and PHP.

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Users can either create a blank page, blank template or a page from a template. If you're not experienced with coding a webpage, don't worry. Adobe Dreamweaver gives you the ability to insert common elements into your webpage. All you have to do is enter the information, and the program generates the code for you.

It provides the tools to help you create web pages that look like they were designed by an expert. Adobe Dreamweaver has a streamlined interface that makes it easy to find a specific design tool. While other programs can be very technical and cater to more-experienced users, you don't have to be a coding expert or a graphic designer to design polished web pages with this program. It gives you all the tools you need to create the best website possible.

For being such a large company, Adobe Systems definitely doesn't shortchange customers in terms of customer service. You can contact them through live chat or by phone. They also have an in-depth knowledgebase and FAQs section available with additional information.

Dreamweaver is a solid HTML editor that gives you many benefits, including the ability edit in HTML and a visual editor. This platform is good for beginners wanting to learn HTML and expert users. Dreamweaver offers a streamlined user interface that helps you create polished web pages and that integrates with other products in the Adobe design suite.

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