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CoffeeCup Review

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CoffeeCup HTML Editor comes complete with tools for users of any knowledge level. However, beginning users who have never coded may initially have to invest more time to familiarize themselves with the software. It offers many features to help you edit your existing website or design a new state-of-the-art site from the ground up.

This HTML editing software offers ready-to-go templates. If you do not want to build your website from scratch, the 10 included, professionally designed templates are easy to use and can be altered to fit your specific website needs.

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It also offers validation checkers to ensure your webpages are up to standard. Validation ensures code is error-free. This features also makes it possible for your website to look exactly how you want it to look, regardless of which browser visitors use.

Other features include code completion and coding language support. Much like a search engine offers options for the search term you put in, CoffeeCup offers code options. This gives professional web developers a fast way to create websites, while giving beginners an easy way to learn how to accurately code. CoffeeCup provides an array of coding languages, some already inherent to the program; others that are provided as extensions. The number of languages supported is helpful for web developers, designers and programmers.

Having to go through each file to change links or fix other issues can be a painstaking task, with a lot of room for error. With multi-file replacements, however, a feature of this program, you only have to make the change once. CoffeeCup HTML Editor makes the rest of the changes for you.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is user-friendly. For beginners wanting to learn HTML and other coding languages, it has an in-program interface. One advantage for beginners is that the program highlights what's wrong with the code, explains why the errors appeared and what you can do to fix them. The information is clearly laid out and is easy to understand.

For those with an intermediate knowledge of website coding, CoffeeCup provides in-program, searchable tutorials that give you in-depth how to's and how not to's. Advanced users will find CoffeeCup to be extremely versatile: Server-side scripting, regex-based (or regular expression) search and site-wide search/replace are just a few of the more advanced features.

The amount of help and support provided by CoffeeCup is top-notch and includes community forums, in-program manuals, newsletters and more. The in-program manual answers how-to questions in an easy-to-understand way. The extended in-program coding teacher is a useful resource for beginning and intermediate coders. Community forums offer a place for members to get feedback on their coding and general issues. The CoffeeCup newsletter delivers website ideas and articles to your email inbox. CoffeeCup Software also provides product training. The only support this HTML editor is missing is a printed manual.

If you have no interest in learning coding and prefer a visual, drag-and-drop editor, CoffeeCup HTML Editor may not be the application best suited for you. However, for individuals who want to learn coding or intermediate to advanced developers, this application is a robust editor with several non-standard features. Some of these features make development faster, such as a comprehensive tag reference for HTML, PHP and CSS.

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