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TopStyle Review

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TopStyle is an HTML editor compatible with HTML and CSS. It works well with both languages, though other editors listed in our buying guide work with more than just two languages. However, if you are willing to learn how to code, TopStyle is a true HTML editor. 

TopStyle isn't for those unwilling to learn how to write code. However, for individuals who already know how or who want to know how to code, it's a powerful resource. CSS, cascading style sheets or design sheets, a code language used to define the layout and design of a website, is fairly easy to learn, but TopStyle erases the learning curve. This program provides a useful site report that allows you to see where and how the CSS code affects your website design – a useful tool for beginners and advanced developers alike.

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For those needing to update their website, TopStyle is a top-notch HTML editor. With Style Upgrade, live FTP editing and IE8 document compatibility, TopStyle whittles the time and effort involved in updating a website to current web standards.

This software does not offer a visual HTML editor. Beginning coders aren't able to just start building a website. You'll need an online or printed HTML and CSS resource to get the job done. However, with the tools you're provided in TopStyle, you can quickly gain an understanding of both languages. The program itself is easy to use and easy to navigate, though it has a set workspace you can't manipulate to your standards. Intermediate and advanced developers will likely not have any problem using TopStyle.

Although TopStyle provides access to a user forum, it has a rather small community. Support is provided through a newsreader or email if you can't get access to a newsreader. However, according to the manufacturer, emails have a longer response time. There are in-program help files, a printed manual and tutorials for learning CSS and TopStyle.

If you primarily work with HTML and CSS websites, TopStyle is a handy piece of software. If you're a beginner wanting to learn coding, it provides a good learning platform, but it may take novices a little time before they actually start building a site.

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