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UltraEdit is an HTML editor, offered by IDM Computer Solutions Inc., which works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This HTML editing tool is feature packed and works with HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JavaScript and other coding languages. This tool might be difficult for new users to learn, as it has advanced tools and only offers an HTML text-editing screen and not a WYSIWYG visual editor.

Though this HTML editor has lots of editing tools, the user interface is not cluttered. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word's platform, then UltraEdit will look familiar to you. Furthermore, if you prefer to create your own workspace, this HTML program offers a fully customizable user interface, so you can configure your user ribbon to suit your preference.

UltraEdit is easy to use and easy to download. However, all of the options might seem overwhelming to a beginner. The familiar layout and customization UltraEdit offers gives this product a slight learning curve, so beginners can pick it up quickly.

UltraEdit has a convenient search and edit tool. This allows you to quickly find the line of coding you need in an instant. This tool saves you cumulative hours of time that would otherwise be spent searching a document. Other features include syntax highlighting and auto-completion. This allows you to quickly complete lines of code that you frequently use in building your website.

In addition to providing a powerful, HTML editor, IDM offers extensive support for customers. On the company website you can first IDM PowerTips, which help you move past the basic tools the editor offers. These tutorials cover advanced editing strategies and may only be for advanced coders; however, beginners can work their way up to this level by accessing other support options offered by this company which include video tutorials and a user forum.

UltraEdit is a top Windows HTML editor and Mac HTML editor. It works in multiple coding languages and offers convenient features like its search tool. The biggest drawback of this editor is that it does not offer a WYSIWYG visual HTML editor, which may or may not matter depending on your background and editing needs.