Pros / Avant Browser has decent speeds and provides basic browsing functions.

Cons / It has compatibility issues with modern applications.

 Verdict / Avant Browser isn't the best internet browser, but it's a nice change of pace if you use already Internet Explorer.

The Avant Browser is an internet browser that boasts decent performance. The browser is essentially an add-on to Internet Explorer and includes basic features such as tabbed browsing, RSS feeds and a find-on-page function. The browser falls short in comparison to our higher ranked internet browsers, but you may enjoy it if you're an Internet Explorer user.

Some of the features the Avant Browser provides are automatic updates, a password manager and an integrated Internet Explorer search engine. The browser also utilizes a multi-processing design. This means each open tab functions independently, so if one crashes it doesn’t crash the entire application. The browser also has a convenient undo function you can use when you accidentally close a tab. Avant's seamless download manager lets you download files without having a pop-up window open.

The internet browser doesn’t have parental controls or synchronization capabilities. The latter would allow you to sync your saved bookmarks and browsing preferences so you can access them from any computer. When it comes security, Avant isn’t as robust as most of the other internet browsers in our lineup. Since it’s essentially an add-on of Internet Explorer, it’s subject to the same security vulnerabilities. The browser protects against pop-ups and malware but not phishing websites that try to steal your personal information. You can, however, delete existing personal data.

In terms of ease of use, the Avant Browser isn’t difficult to use, but its interface is dated and some of the browser’s placement of features seems counterintuitive. The browser utilizes graphical command buttons, but many of the icons for the browser’s features are not immediately comprehensible. The browser is fast but struggles at times to support modern applications such as web-based email clients and Google Documents.

The Avant Browser's help and support options are adequate. You can get general help and troubleshooting support through user forums and a list of FAQs. You can also contact the company via email. There are no tutorials or user manuals included in the support options, but what’s provided should be sufficient for most problems.

Avant Browser 2015 Build 7 Visit Site
  • Initial Startup Time
  • Average Startup Time
  • Navigation Time
  1. The amount of seconds until a site completely boots up.
    Lower is Better
  2. 9  Avant Browser
    6.6 Seconds
  3. 1.55 Seconds
  4. 1.56 Seconds
  5. 3  Opera
    2.2 Seconds
  6. Category Average
    2.99 Seconds


Avant is a decent browser with some nice built-in features and customization options for a personalized interface. However, its lack of versatility, compatibility and comprehensive security can hinder usability, which contributes to the browser’s lag behind the competition. If you want a Microsoft-based internet browser but are unimpressed with Internet Explorer’s current setup, the Avant Browser may be a good alternative.

Avant Browser 2015 Build 7 Visit Site