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Pros / Chrome boasts secure browsing and sync capabilities that allow you to access your customized browser from any computer.

Cons / In cold test runs, the browser was not the fastest we tested.

 Verdict / Chrome sets the new standard for every other browser to follow. If you don't use it yet, it's time to give it a try.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Since its 2008 release, Google Chrome has steadily gained popularity, to the point where it has acquired the largest share of global internet usage. This internet browser upholds Google's reputation of innovation and industry dominance. While this software borrows from other well-established services that came before it, it improves on their methods and is now the standard to which other web browsers aspire.

Chrome's appeal lies largely in its simplicity and speed, scoring better than average in both categories. The rapid page load times and seamless navigation help Google Chrome earn the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for the best internet browsers.

  • Initial Startup Time
  • Average Startup Time
  • Navigation Time
  1. The amount of seconds until a site completely boots up.
    Lower is Better
  2. 2  Google Chrome
    1.56 Seconds
  3. 1.55 Seconds
  4. 3  Opera
    2.2 Seconds
  5. Category Average
    2.99 Seconds

Speed & Compatibility

Google Chrome is remarkably fast. During our timed trials, Chrome initialized our site in 1.5 seconds. That time stayed consistent during subsequent refreshes. Navigation from one site to another ran at a modest 5.3 seconds. That aspect kept it from ranking as the fastest browser.

Google has taken initiative in making Chrome very compatible with the internet. Chrome was specifically designed to quickly and efficiently load, display and interact with the vast array of applications on the web, boasting a built-in Flash and PDF reader. The synchronization between your smartphone and your desktop browser makes saving favorites and making bookmarks a seamless process.

Most internet browsers are built for function over form, but Google Chrome succeeds in both. The layout is clean, intuitive and well organized, and Chrome manages a level of simplicity other internet browsers lack. Its features are clearly designed for efficiency and ease of use, and you can search and navigate from the same box. Furthermore, the browser allows you to conveniently create shortcuts to web applications you regularly use, which you can place on your desktop for quick and easy access.


Using your Google account, Chrome can sync your bookmarks, browser preferences and extensions so that they are available on any computer once you sign in to your account. This is advantageous because it allows you to easily access your own add-ons and preferences regardless of what computer you are using. It's also ideal for households with a single computer.

Chrome's tabbed browsing, while basic, is another thing the web browser excels at. With a single click, you can rearrange, duplicate and even drag tabs to open new windows. Not only can tabs be isolated, but they also function independently, meaning if one tab crashes, the others are not affected. Lastly, if you open a new tab from an existing one, such as by clicking on an embedded link, the new tab is placed next to the parent tab, rather than at the end of your list of tabs. This makes it much easier to keep related tabs organized and grouped together.

Another notable feature of Chrome is its privacy browsing. The browser boasts incognito mode, which doesn't track your browsing as you navigate web pages. When a browser in incognito mode is closed, it also deletes cookies and passwords from that session. You can have browsers in normal mode and in incognito mode open simultaneously.


Chrome is designed to keep you safer and more secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection, auto updates to make sure you have all the latest security fixes, and more. When you navigate to a website suspected of phishing or containing malware, the browser displays a warning.

The web browser also has auto updates, ensuring your security features stay current without any action on your part, and it employs the sandboxing method. Sandboxing helps block malware and isolates what happens in one tab from affecting the others, so once you close a tab, that process is completely terminated. Sandboxing is an effective method for preventing malware from installing itself on your computer and monitoring your online activities or stealing personal information.

Help & Support

Google Chrome has an in-depth help center that provides support in a variety of categories. The help center has resources to help you get started as a new user, and help you fully customize your browsing experience when you're an advanced user. You can also check on known product issues, browse FAQs, and change language and display settings. Google also provides a help forum where you can post issues, interact with other users and provide feedback for other users experiencing issues.


Google Chrome is unquestionably one of the best overall internet browsers on the market. Its features provide you with rich convenience features, a clean layout for intuitive navigation and security functions that enable safe browsing. Furthermore, the internet browser's speeds and standards compliance render its performance nearly unrivaled and substantiates its rapidly growing user base. We look forward to what the browser will offer in the future.

Google Chrome 39 Visit Site