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Pros / Maxthon allows you to synchronize your phone and computer browser.

Cons / It lacks supplementary features such as voice interaction commands and open-source development.

 Verdict / Maxthon isn't the fastest browser on the market, but it's an excellent choice if you're looking to change up your browsing experience.

Maxthon, or the Maxthon Cloud Browser, doesn't offer anything revolutionary if you're looking for the best internet browser. It's a basic browser that nevertheless runs smoothly and is compatible with every type of mobile device.

At first look, Maxthon's web browser does not seem like anything special. However, it places a large focus on synchronizing devices. You can drag and drop images and send them to your phone contacts or an email address in a few clicks. This feature works exceptionally well when you use a snipping tool. Once you select your image, this service prompts you to send it to a contact. The synchronization works well if you care to save your browsing history from your PC to your smartphone.

Maxthon has improved a great deal since we last reviewed the browser software. It has added essential features in mouse gestures, parental controls and autofill to the browser bar. These features fit nicely alongside the tabbed browsing, bookmarking capabilities and other useful add-ons.

As with many other contenders in the crowded field of internet browsers, you can customize Maxthon's interface. You can change the skin and customize the browser's toolbar to your preferences. Maxthon doesn't have any of the extra browsing features we looked for, such as spell check, voice interaction and open-source development. The inclusion of these features would enhance the overall usability of the browser, but they aren't essential for web browsing.

Maxthon boasts powerful security features that allow you to surf the web securely and, if you choose, privately. You can delete all traces of your browsing manually, or set it up to delete them automatically when you close the browser. The browser also blocks pop-ups, spyware and viruses.

Maxthon installs quickly, a good indicator of the browser's overall performance. It doesn't have the fastest startup time we came across in an internet browser, but it is extremely fast when it comes to click-through speed within a site. Maxthon also has anti-freeze technology to make browsing as fluid as possible, as well as smart acceleration to improve the loading speed of the pages you visit the most.

The web browser is also extremely easy to use. It's based on Internet Explorer's engine, so if you are accustomed to Explorer's layout, you'll have no problem finding your way around Maxthon. All of the buttons are clearly labeled, and you can fully customize the browser to be as simplistic or involved as you want. At the end of each session, the browser asks if you want to save your session. This is handy if you're interrupted while surfing the web – you can start right off where you ended.

Maxthon offers online help, including FAQs, on its website. A number of help options are also available from the browser bar. You can read the tip of the day, look through the user guides or search for a specific topic in the help database. If you have further questions, you can contact Maxthon by email.

  • Initial Startup Time
  • Average Startup Time
  • Navigation Time
  1. The amount of seconds until a site completely boots up.
    Lower is Better
  2. 7  Maxthon
    3.68 Seconds
  3. 1.55 Seconds
  4. 1.56 Seconds
  5. 3  Opera
    2.2 Seconds
  6. Category Average
    2.99 Seconds


Maxthon doesn't have all of the features we looked for in internet browsers, but it does provide the fundamental features for web browsing. It also has tight security and comprehensive help and support if you run into any issues. While Maxthon isn't the fastest or most feature-rich internet browser on the market, it is a good option if you are looking for a change of pace.

Maxthon 4.4 Visit Site