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CrazyTalk Animator Review

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If you want to try your hand at creating an animated show but don't have the artistic skills to hand draw images, CrazyTalk Animator may be the solution for you. This 2D animation software by Reallusion has tools to take your animation project from the storyboard stage to a completed show. Everything starts with your character creation, and you can select from premade body parts to create the perfect characters for your show. You can also import vector graphics.

CrazyTalk Animator uses puppeteering to control the movement of your character's limbs and facial expressions. You can bring your character to life very quickly by selecting predetermined actions and expressions from the puppeteering panels. This can save you valuable time, especially if you are an animation beginner.

One of this 2D animation software’s best features is that you can import pictures of yourself, friends, family members or pets and turn them into animated characters. Using the intuitive masking function, you can select the head and place it on a premade vector-image body. The mask removes the unwanted area around the head, making it easy to focus on animating the expressions and facial features. CrazyTalk Animator uses premade mouths with the anchor points you designate on your photo to make it look like your subject is speaking.

This cartoon maker software toes the line between 2D and 3D animation by animating characters from 10 different angles. This method gives the illusion that your 2D characters are moving around in a 3D space. By using different perspectives, you can effectively turn your characters around without revealing their 2D designs. This opens up a whole new world for animators who want to experiment with different camera angles and give their shows a dynamic feel.

CrazyTalk Animator allows you to record audio through a microphone attached to your PC, or you can import your sound and dialogue files. Adjusting the volume and fading in or fading out are the only audio-editing options included with this animation software. You need another program to alter sound and dialogue if you want to edit beyond that.

There are many premade lip-sync animations you can choose from. The text-to-speech function is another great feature. When you type in your dialogue, the program picks out the major intonations and applies the correct mouth animations for you.

Reallusion has many support options, including a comprehensive user manual, user forum, FAQs and training videos. You can reach customer service by phone or email. CrazyTalk Animator does not work with Mac computers at this time.