Toon Boom’s animation software gives you a lot of control over your 2D animation projects. With the program, you can choose from five different animation techniques: traditional paper animation, digital animation, cut-out and puppet animation, rotoscoping, and stop-motion. You can also mix these together for some interesting effects.

The program’s bone-rigging feature makes your character’s movement look natural, though you can choose to make his or her gait unnatural as well. The onion skinning feature helps you control the movement and the timing of each animation by showing you your previous drawing underneath your next sketch – this helps create smooth motion. There are also animation pegs to chart the path of the character’s movement. The software automatically animates the steps between two points using either frame-by-frame or keyframe animation.

In addition, you can import dialogue or sound effects into your project, then edit them in the program. The lip-sync function automatically synchronizes your dialogue with your characters’ mouths. You can also control your finished product with a set of camera tools, which let you adjust the camera angles and follow subjects with the camera as you animate.

Some artists believe the best way to use animation software is with a drawing tablet, and you can use one along with Toon Boom software to draw and color directly in the program. If you prefer, you can sketch right in this software using your computer mouse or import digital images and drawings. The program also comes with several special effects, including flames, rain, smoke and camera shake.

Toon Boom Harmony has many import and export options. You can upload your own paper drawings or digital images as more than 13 different file types. You can also export single cells and frames or whole projects in a variety of ways. These include exporting AVI video files for television playback and uploading directly to websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The company provides many resources to teach you how to use the software, including a free Quick Start Tutorial and official training videos you can purchase at an additional cost. You can also access its user forum, knowledgebase and FAQs page, as well as a variety of manuals and tutorials. If you need additional help, customer support is available by phone or email.