Maxon's 3D animation software is an approachable alternative to more intimidating packages. Known as Cinema 4D, this software is easier to learn than most, but it still possesses the depth required for professional use. The great toolset and approachability make it particularly relevant to graphic artists who have less familiarity with traditional 3D tools.

Maxon 3D animation software comes in four flavors: Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio. If you are just starting out, Prime is a good way to go. It has a narrower feature set – lacking soft body, cloth, hair and spline dynamics, among other things – but it is much easier to work with for that very reason. When you have achieved a basic competency, you can always upgrade.

Broadcast and Visualize are a step above, augmenting the feature set with industry-specific tools. Broadcast adds much-needed animation tools, including tracers and deformers. Visual targets and excels at high-detailed modeling and rendering for static concept images.

Maxon 3D animation software comes with great support for textures and materials and is lauded for its swift rendering. It integrates well with Photoshop and other graphics programs, which is just what the doctor ordered for Photoshop-savvy graphic designers.

The software comes with a module called Mocca, which is responsible for the animation and cloth simulation. Though these features are less versatile than competitors' versions, the animation toolset is still adequate for professional animated content. It also supports a VAMP tool for translating animations from one model to another.

With Maxon, the toolsets are accessible and not overwhelming. You can rip menus for a customizable workspace. The point-and-click expression interface is also helpful. It reduces the need for scripting, which naturally eases the learning curve quite a bit.

Despite the user-friendly interface, it is still essential that you have access to customer support. Although Maxon software might be easier to learn than most alternatives, it still isn't easy. Fortunately, a tech support email and tutorial library are available online.

Maxon 3D animation software is great for veterans, but it's especially appealing for those just breaking into the modeling world. It works best for graphic designers and other professionals who need something powerful but approachable.