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The Foundry offers professional-grade 3D animation software with features for modeling, sculpting and painting 3D models. The Foundry's software, Modo, adopts a unique design strategy to minimize the number of necessary tools and run more efficiently. This means the tool pipeline feature allows a smaller and more economical toolset, giving you a high level of control over tool behavior for maximum customization. This unusual workflow makes this software an interesting alternative to the leading 3D modeling software packages on the market.

One of this software's greatest advantages is the memory economy – it can run at full speed on weaker machines than most of its competitors can, thanks to the minimal toolset. A small toolbox might seem like a disadvantage, but it is not necessarily a bad thing: You can customize tools with the tool pipeline feature to produce varied behaviors that compensate for the small number. You can also save these tool presets for future use. It might be alienating for users who are accustomed to the massive toolsets of the leading 3D animation software packages, but the unique approach certainly comes with advantages of its own.

Models you make with this 3D animation software are highly exportable to other applications, which is great for large projects where many different software packages must collaborate. Another result of its small toolset is a simple and approachable interface that you can get started with right away. The learning curve is nevertheless quite steep – especially if you want to master the tool pipeline.

One of The Foundry's biggest marketing points is the Pixar Subdivision Surfaces. They allow you to render "semi-sharp creases" that have the lush and realistic appearance for which Pixar is famous. This feature also has the surprising benefit of reducing polygon counts without compromising details. That makes for faster rendering, and when productivity is key, fast rendering means more output. Pixar-style subdivision also gives you more control over texture boundaries. On the flipside, The Foundry's software has no support for NURBS modeling. You'll have to use subdivision for all your smooth surfaces.

The Foundry offers good community support. The online community is accessible through its website. It has a vast gallery of example images and many free downloadable assets, as well as helpful information and tutorials. The website features FAQs along with a support ticket system.

The Foundry's Modo 3D animation software is for artists and designers, intended to bridge the gap between computer-generated images and real-life photography. This software is perfect for people with technical know-how, but it is also quite capable of helping you create animations without any code knowledge. The learning curve can be steep for beginners and alienating for converts from other 3D animation software, but The Foundry's software is definitely capable.