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AppMakr Review

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PROS / This service has a variety of templates custom built for religious institutions.

CONS / The app creation interface looks outdated and doesn't cater to tablet responsiveness.

 VERDICT / This app maker provides value because of the nearly maintenance-free approach to gaining new customers.

AppMakr is an app builder that places the power to create a workable app into your hands, regardless of programming experience. This service has the least expensive pricing plans on our lineup, yet they still provide abundant features. We tested the App Pro plan, which gives you an HTML5 mobile site and lets you submit the app for iOS and Android devices. This plan removes ads from AppMakr and makes the design completely customizable for you.

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Built-in notifications, full branding and design customization, real-time updates, and high-resolution imagery are just some of the features AppMakr delivers. The program’s dashboard allows you to observe all of your apps and their functionality. Push notifications and messages can also be found here. Splash pages and custom icons give your app a unique look and feel. This is especially helpful if you need to design an app for third parties as it allows their logos and color schemes to be incorporated with no trouble. You can also choose how users can navigate and share your content. Utilize the comment feature to create dialogue between users, or create message boards and chat rooms to facilitate even more interaction.

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This app maker is initially underwhelming. Short video tutorials automatically play with every new screen, but they are not informative. You have the choice of several app types, such as small business, restaurants and schools. There is a focus on religious-based apps specifically for churches, mosques and synagogues.

The main problem with this mobile app builder is that it isn't as strong in terms of creation as it is customer engagement. Once the app is created, you have the resources to get it to as many potential customers as possible. Yet, the creation interface only provides one layout and isn't compatible with tablets.

As you make adjustments, you can preview your app’s functionality in real time. You can easily correct any action, ensuring that your app will operate efficiently from the moment it is published. Your finished app is delivered to AppMakr’s native Android app store and presented as a HTML5 mobile website. As a prospective app developer, you should expect, as with any app development, that there is an additional cost to submit your app for Apple and Android. This cost is separate from any price listed with AppMakr.


This app creator doesn't provide the very best content dashboard on our lineup. However, it provides all the necessary marketing tools to help you reach possible loyal customers with its geo-targeted notifications and RSS feed. AppMakr's approach encourages small business owners with a focus on marketing to try their hand at app creation.

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