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Audiozilla 1.1 Review

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PROS / Audiozilla can import audio from CDs as well as extract audio from some video files.

CONS / It only has nine different output formats and converts WAVs to MP3s slower than most of the competition.

 VERDICT / Right-clicking to quickly convert audio is a major advantage to using this software. We wish it had more output formats, but this software still provides many of the tools to successfully convert audio.

Audiozilla is one of the most unique audio converter programs we reviewed. That's not because it has a flashy user interface or a ton of features, but rather it integrates right into your computer. To open Audiozilla, you right-click on the audio file you want to convert, select Convert with Audiozilla and choose a file format.

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This software is compatible with 20 different audio file formats, but it's only able to convert those files to nine different output formats. You also have the ability to rip CDs and extract audio data from video files.

We tested each program with five different video file formats – including M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV – to see if the audio data could be extracted. Audiozilla was able to extract the audio from M4V, MP4 and WMV file formats. Our best audio converters were able to convert all the video file formats we tested for, but Audiozilla did not perform as well as others in this area.

We also timed each audio converter to determine the fastest program at compressing a large 625MB WAV file to a 26MB MP3 file. We tested each program using the same computer settings and ran only one program at a time. Audiozilla happens to produce one of the slowest MP3 conversion times compared to the rest of the lineup. In terms of conversion speed, 30 seconds of extra time per file might not seem like much, but when you are converting a library of large files, the extra time adds up quickly.

You can access the general settings for this MP3 converter to adjust the file conversion settings for each of the output formats. You access the general settings by right clicking and going to the Settings option at the bottom of the right-click menu. Each format has slightly different settings; for example, you can set the sample rate higher on certain output formats than you can on others. This converter neatly organizes each output setting so you know exactly what settings you are adjusting.

You can download a free trial of Audiozilla that gives you only nine conversions. Purchasing this program gives you unlimited conversions and access to all the features within. This audio converter is available on many PC platforms including Windows 8, 7 and XP.


Audiozilla is unique in our lineup of audio converters. The fact that it integrates right into your computer is a nice touch; you really don't need to import audio into an interface, because you can just right-click on an audio file and start your conversion. This software is slower at converting WAVs to MP3s than other programs we reviewed, but it allows you to rip CDs and extract audio from video files – a feature that iTunes doesn't possess.

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