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Ease Audio Converter Review

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PROS / You can record streaming internet audio with this program.

CONS / During testing, we were unable to rip CD audio straight into the library.

 VERDICT / Ease Audio Converter has some special audio features, but it also has glaring issues, such as its inability to rip CD files. This product can still suit some people depending on their needs.

Ease Audio Converter is one of the simplest audio converter programs we reviewed. All of the conversion tools are listed at the top of the interface along with conversion information such as output format and output folder. You can add and import files from your computer with just a few clicks of the mouse and get to converting files.

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We attempted to get audio files from two different types of media – CDs and video files. We were unable to rip the audio straight from the CD into the Ease Audio Converter library. The MP3 converter was unable to read the CDA file format that the CDs are formatted in. Inability to rip audio CDs is part of the reason this audio converter is near the back of our lineup. One of the main purposes of audio converters is to completely digitize physical media and compress it to maximize music storage on your computer. The fact that you can't rip a CD into this product's library is a disappointment.

Ease Audio Converter was able to extract the audio data from MP4 video files. The top performers in our lineup were able to extract audio from multiple video files including M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV. Extracting audio data from video files can be useful for a couple of different reasons. For example, you can make an audio album from concert footage and compress files to take up less storage on your computer.

This music converter software does have a major feature that other audio converters in our lineup do not possess. You can use it to record streaming audio from the internet. You can stream internet radio or your favorite podcast and record it to an MP3 using this program so you can listen on your own time. Few audio converters feature that capability.

Before you convert your audio files, you can use the software to adjust the bitrate and sample rate, and to re-channel the audio, meaning you can switch between mono and stereo options. You can even normalize or adjust the volume to audio files that might be too quiet after conversion. This is a common problem when you are working with older media files such as digitized LPs.

This audio file converter is compatible with 13 different audio file formats and is able to convert to the same number of file formats. Our favorite audio conversion software is compatible with up to 45 different audio file formats. Currently, Ease Audio Converter is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems.


When you get to the back of our top 10 lineup, the products have issues that stand out. In this program's case, it can't rip CDs and is only compatible with 13 different file formats. The one major advantage is that you can use this program to record audio streams from the internet – a feature not found in many other programs. If you don't need lots of compatibility options and don't care to record, Ease Audio Converter could work for you.

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