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Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum Review

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PROS / Audials is compatible with many file formats and has quick conversion speeds.

CONS / We had to install a separate encoder just to convert files to MP3s.

 VERDICT / We were impressed with the look, compatibility and conversion speed of Audials. Although it lacks the ability to import audio from CDs, we believe this software is worth the purchase price.

Editor's Note: Audials Tunebite 17 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: 85 file formats, 84 device profiles and a new interface. We will evaluate, rank and review Audials Tunebite 17 when we next update the Audio Converter reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Audials Tunebite 12.

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Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum has many more capabilities and features than your average audio converter. This software can convert audio files to several different audio formats. It can copy DVDs and it sorts all of your music for you into a convenient and sortable library. Although it doesn't top our list, Audials is intriguing audio converter software.

At first glance, this MP3 converter looks far more sophisticated than other audio converters we tested, but in a good way. You'll see the import library to the left, all of the import information on the bottom of the interface and the playlist located on the right. Tunebite has a sleek and modern look compared to other audio converters. For our testing purposes, we focused our attention on this program's audio conversion tools.

We ran into issues with Audials during our testing of the product. The first issue was we had to download an additional LAME encoder to convert our test WAV file to an MP3. Once we downloaded the additional encoder, we had to assign the encoder to the software in order for it to operate properly. This was the only audio converter that required us to download an extra encoder to test the software. These steps docked the Ease of Use grade for Audials. We were also unable to import audio files from a CD using this MP3 converter. The program's inability to import these files further contributed to its lowered Ease of Use grade.

One of the major advantages to using Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum is its video file compatibility. We tested each program in our lineup with five different video files to see if the programs could extract the audio data. Audials succeeded in this test with flying colors. This audio converter was able to convert every video file we threw at it, including, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV. Extracting the audio from video files is a feature that isn't included in iTunes and is a great added feature in Audials.

This music converter had the second-fastest conversion time in our lineup – second only to our Gold Award winner. Audials Tunebite is compatible with roughly 40 audio files (not including video files) and can convert them in a timely fashion to 11 different audio formats. We were impressed both the audio compatibility as well as the conversion speed.

We emailed Audial's support team and they responded to our inquiry within 24 hours. This prompt response is a sign of a quality support team. The online FAQs section is divided into sections to help you find the answers to your questions quickly. Audials is available on Windows 8, 7 and XP platforms.


Audials is an impressive audio converter. It is compatible with a ton of files, converts files quickly without flaws and has other features, such as a DVD copier, that other audio converters don't supply. If you are going to convert files to MP3s, you have to download an additional LAME encoder to do the job, which is a hindrance. Overall, this is impressive software worth considering

Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum Visit Site