Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Audio Editing Software here.

GoldWave isn't the flashiest or most aesthetically pleasing audio editor that we tested, but it has a large feature set, great file compatibility and tools to help you restore noisy analog files to better quality. These features make this audio editor worth its inexpensive price tag. This affordable audio editor also allows you to record audio, so you can use it to create podcasts or other single audio source recordings.

One of the advantages to using GoldWave as your professional audio editing program is its customizability. You can customize the toolbar that sits above the audio editor to hold any tools that you want. The tools are also large icons that are easy to read and differentiate between. When you can customize your toolbars and interface, you can create a work environment that maximizes your workflow.

The control panel and transport is not fixed, which means it floats. This is ideal if you have a dual-monitor setup, but the control tends to get in the way when you are working on a single-screen workstation, especially if it’s a small laptop screen.

You can apply many effects to your audio. Some of the effects that we looked for are found within presets of other effects. For example, you will find delay and chorus within the flanger effect's presets.

We tested every software with the same noisy audio sample to see which of the 10 software programs could successfully remove the unwanted hiss, hum, cracks and pops that are interlaced within the recording. GoldWave's best tools for the job were its noise reduction filter, parametric equalizer and click filter. The combination of the parametric equalizer and noise reduction filter led us to some successful results in removing unwanted noise from our recording. However, the vocals in the recording also got reduced. When we tried to apply gain to raise the vocal volume, some of the unwanted noise would amplify along with it. We were still able to remove some of the unwanted noise, but the vocal volume lowered as a result.

We also imported multiple file formats into this software to test compatibility. GoldWave ranks among the best audio editing programs in terms of file compatibility. We were able to import all of the file formats we tested for without any issues. GoldWave is able to import AAC audio file formats, but you cannot convert an audio file to an AAC audio format.

This audio editor is also able to extract the audio data from video files. We tested software with seven different video file formats. GoldWave audio editing software was able to extract the audio data from all video files except for DV video files. The ability to import and export the variety of audio files that GoldWave can handle is impressive.

GoldWave looks a little outdated, but the audio editing software provides many tools and effects, and it is compatible with multiple file formats. This software is inexpensive and gives you professional tools to handle many different audio-editing jobs.

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