Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Audio Editing Software here.

SoundSoap 5 is straightforward sound editing software. It is easy to use and doesn't overwhelm you with cluttered toolbars or an intimidating interface. Unlike all of the other audio editors we reviewed, its focus is on audio restoration, not podcast creation. This means its restoration features are top-notch, while it lags behind in editing capabilities.

The software's file format flexibility is top of the line. We imported a handful of different files, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, ACC, AU, OGG and FLAC audio files, into the program without any issues. We were also able to import a handful of different video files to edit the audio. The only video files we were unable to import were DIVX and WMV. Compared to other Mac audio editing programs, that is stellar compatibility.

Once you import your audio and press play, the middle window displays the unwanted background noise that is part of the audio. There are a few different ways to clean up your audio recordings. To remove unwanted hum, you can hit the Learn Noise button while the hum is playing on your recording, and SoundSoap will remove it. You can also use the noise reduction and tuner knobs to adjust how much sound it removes from your audio.

This Mac audio editing software has declicking tools as well. Declickers remove the unwanted clicks and pops you hear in old vinyl LPs and cassette tape recordings. Removing these unwanted noises is as easy as sliding the declicker icon from the left to the right. As you remove unwanted noises from your audio, you can see the audio editor for Mac at work. When the noise passes through the middle window, you can watch SoundSoap scrub away the unwanted noise.

SoundSoap 5 lacks much of what other audio editing software for Mac offers. You can record a single source of audio with it, but it doesn't have many of the editing tools and effects that you'll want when editing a live recording. The lack of these editing tools makes it difficult to use SoundSoap for anything other than audio restoration.

The best thing about SoundSoap is that you can use it within other applications. Essentially, it works as a third-party plugin for other digital audio workstations (DAW) and audio editing programs. Its ability to work with other audio products make it an asset in the audio editing world.

SoundSoap 5 is highly proficient in audio restoration. However, it lacks many of the audio editing tools that other programs boast. With only one great capability, SoundSoap 5 is a one-trick pony among audio editors.

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