TwistedWave takes much of the guesswork out of learning how to use audio editing software. It loads quickly, you can import just about any audio file into it and you can use it to record single audio inputs. That being said, it doesn't give you as much control over your audio and edits as some audio editing programs do.

Like most audio editors for Mac, you can cut, copy, split, fade in and fade out of your audio, but there are some facets to this software that just don't give you the control that you want. For instance, when you want a section of your audio to fade in or out, you highlight that piece of audio, select the type of fade and it does it for you. This is convenient for the novice user, but it doesn't let you dictate how quickly or how slowly you want the fade to be. If you are experienced with audio editors, you'll want more control over your audio processes.

One of the shortcomings to this Mac audio editing software is that it doesn't feature any noise reduction tools for audio restoration. We imported an audio clip with humming from an air duct in the background to test how well the software removed the noise. You can use the software to auto-detect the silences in the audio clip and then remove the noise within the silences, but you can still hear the humming from the air duct when the vocals are going. You might be disappointed if you are looking to use this software to restore old LPs.

TwistedWave can be downloaded on your Apple mobile device, such as your iPhone or iPad. This can be handy if you are using your mobile device to record meetings or interview people. The device gives you access to many of the editing tools that the computer software boasts.

The true strength of this software is its ability to import and convert a multitude of audio formats. This software was able to import and edit every file format that we tested. It also has the ability to automatically extract the audio data from video files. The only file that we tested which TwistedWave couldn't export the audio data from was a DIVX movie file.

TwistedWave is great for the beginning user. You can record and edit your audio quickly and easily, and it boasts a user-friendly interface. The software doesn't have any type of audio restoration tools, nor does it allow you to record more than one audio source at once. If you are looking for a simple audio editor, TwistedWave is about as simple it gets.

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