WireTap is one of the most unique audio editors that we have come across. Ambrosia Software, the developer of WireTap, claims that this Mac audio editor can record anything that you can hear. To that extent, WireTap has some useful recording features that are exclusive to WireTap.

The unique aspect of this sound editing software for Mac is its recording abilities. This is one of the programs we reviewed that can record two audio sources simultaneously. It can't record more than two at a time, but that’s better than most of the editors we reviewed. You can also schedule recordings, which means it's like a DVR for your computer's audio. If you have to miss an internet stream but want to listen to it later, you can schedule WireTap to record when it plays. You don't even have to be there; WireTap will wake your computer up (if it's turned on) and record the audio that you scheduled.

This audio editing software is broken up into three workstations. The stations are your library, where all your audio recordings and files are stored, the wave editor and a floating transport. Anything you import in WireTap must first be imported through the library. Once it is imported, you can sort through all of your audio files conveniently.

When you select an audio file to work on from your library, the wave editor opens up. From here you can apply effects and fades to your audio. To apply a fade, you need to hover your mouse over the beginning of the audio file and wait for the fade icon to show up. There are no other tabs or options to apply fades to your audio, which can make this tool difficult for the novice user to use.

WireTap does not have audio restoration tools. The hiss and hum reduction tools are actually just the high and low pass filters found with the effects. You can fumble around with these to achieve quieter audio, but noise removal isn't as effective as in other programs we tested.

This audio editor for Mac uses audio units for its plugins. Mac computers have a specific set of plugins that include high and low pass filters, dynamics, equalizers and other special effects. However, you won't find effects such as chorus, phaser or flanger within the effects list.

If you need help getting started using WireTap, you can turn to the video tutorials that are provided on the website. They are broken up into categories and are easy to sort through. There is also a user forum you can consult if you encounter any other questions about the software.

WireTap has great recording capabilities, including a recording scheduler to record audio even when you aren't at your computer. It also boasts a handful of decent audio editing tools, such as effects and fades, but some of the processes have a steep learning curve.

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